The 16 Best Memes For Women With Big Boobs & The People Who Love Them

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The 16 Best Memes For Women With Big Boobs And The People Who Love Them

Let's face it. Going through life as a woman with big boobs is no joke and it's not for the faint of heart.

In fact, as much fun as they can be, having those bountiful girls right there with you at all times can be a HUGE pain in the ass (not to mention a pain in the back!).

Think you feel like it's time to go shopping for some brand new clothes and undergarments?

Good luck finding anything that's going to fit you and your generous breasts correctly and still look appropriate for doing anything other than going to the club.

I mean, OK, it's not ALL torture. Big boob problems are rough, but there are plenty of awesome aspects to having them too.

They can be fun sometimes —  like when you're trying to get out of a ticket ...

Or when you're giving someone a hug.

We, the large-breasted women of the world, give the BEST hugs.

And we even have our very own built-in floaties right there on our own chest!

Well, whether you love them or hate them, they are there on your body to stay, so be kind to your ta-tas and to yourself by embracing all of that pillowy goodness you were blessed with. Many, many other women pay huge wads of cash and buckets of blood to have built what you were born with.

But, as a woman with some big old boobs herself, I get that sometimes you've just gotta sigh and laugh at it all. So for my well-endowed sisters — and anyone else who wants to understand what having large boobs is really and truly like — we have exactly what you need.

Here are 16 of the best, most highly entertaining (and accurate) memes that perfectly nail what life with these ladies is like:

Yep, that's not gonna fit!

Big boob memes

"When you see a pretty bra at Victoria's Secret."

Daily struggle.

big boob memes

"I want to sleep on my stomach but my boobs are too big."

Try wearing three sports bras all at one time!

big boob memes

"Big boobs problem. When it takes more energy to get the sports bra on then it does to actually work out."

It's not easy carrying these around ok!!

big boob memes

"I hate the big boob expectations ... I got big boobs they're real so they sag get over it. These things are heavy."

Of course, things could definitely be worse!

big boobs memes

"Sometimes I feel down, then I remember I have big boobs and it makes everything better."

Where all my weight goes, and leaves.

big boob memes

"My boobs when I'm trying to lose weight."

"I volunteer!"

They're a heat warmer!

big boob memes

"Some days I like having big boobs, I find it comforting when I put my hands in between them and hold them."

I have plenty!

big boob memes

"All my friends complain about how small their boobs are and I'm over here like 'take some of mine!'"

All my crumbs end up there.

big boob memes

"Sometimes I check out my cleavage and think WOW! That's where the rest of my cookie went."


big boob memes

"Big boobs — making cute clothes look slutty since whenever the fuck I grew these things."

Not a good idea.

big boob memes

"I'd jump up and down for joy but my boobs are just way too big for that nonsense."

Don't judge me.

big boob memes

"The only thing I've accomplished today is using my boobs to make a waterfall in the shower."

Said no one ever.

big boobs memes

"Maybe if I wear this shirt that shows my boobs I'll meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality."

Please stop asking.

big boob memes

"My boobs are so big everyone everyone asks if they're fake, I say no, they ask for proof."

Can't see the lower half of my body either...

big boob memes

"Reason #27373728 why big boobs are annoying. When you lie down, your neck and mouth disappear."

Miss Pancake FTW!

big boob memes

"Small boobs may get called 'pancakes' but guess who gets cuter bras, no boob sweat and can go braless? Miss pancake over here that's who."