Hooters Opening Location With Male Servers Wearing Teeny-Tiny Shorts

Wait... what?

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Hot men and hot wings? Well, not exactly. Hooters Management Corporation is opening up a new fast-casual restaurant, Hoots. Instead of sexily clad women servers, we will finally have this chain hire men

But don’t expect your Hooters male server to be dressed in short-shorts or thongs. Instead, the staff will be dressed in regular uniforms.

Wow. What a letdown.

Women will be allowed to work there, but they too won’t be dressed in the usual Hooters attire which consists of tiny but very bright orange shorts (or underwear if you’re me) and skin-tight tank tops that leave little to the imagination. 


An unrevealing Hooters t-shirt will be worn instead while serving up your favorite hot wings and beer. Apologies to the customers who will be expecting more pop at the new joint.

However, a full bar, a reduced menu, and counter service is expected for the new restaurant set to open in February at its first location: Cicero, Illinois.

As disappointed as I am that the male version of the infamous Hooters won’t serve eye candy along with their delicious menu, I'm happy that at least the company is moving toward a less sexist strategy.



Even better? Hooters is celebrating single people everywhere on Valentine’s Day with their new promotion, Shred ‘Em and Forget ‘Em. If you go into a Hooters and shred a photo of your ex (and who doesn’t want to do that, especially on a holiday?), you’ll get 10 free boneless wings when you purchase a set of 10. You can also shred it online for those who want to get a head start.

So maybe the Hooters brand is changing it up and for the better. Both women AND men serving without having to show off skin, AND a promotion to help you get over your ex with free food?

I may not have been a fan before, but I’m definitely into it now. If we could only get some plus-sized women working there, showing off their beautiful bodies, I’d be a true Hooters supporter. But I’ll take what I can get.

Baby steps. And super-hot wings.