Um, YAY? The Male Version Of Hooters Is HERE!

And you won't BELIEVE what it's called.

Tallywackers Facebook

There are so many things that still need to be checked off on the feminism TO-DO list. To name a few: Equal pay, no more street harassment, and ending slut-shaming, to name just a few. But one problem has finally been solved: There is now an equally degrading dining establishment that features "loose meat" men (pun?) on the menu. Yes! Get ready ladies, there's an all-male version of Hooters called Tallywackers!


Buzzfeed reports that Tallywackers opened in Dallas back in May, with a Mother's Day special. The menu reflects the sexual theme with phallic-shaped foods. They restaurant even had a casting call for hot men when they were hiring. We would've loved to be judges in that.

Anyway, one interesting tidbit is that the restaurant is located in what's known as the "gayborhood" according to Eater Dallas, at 4218 Lemmon Avenue. 

Wait, so is this just another chain for men, then? Nope — it appeals to both sexes. So if you're ever in Dallas craving a meal with a side of chiseled dudes, looks like Tallywackers is your go-to! Report back please.