7 Breakfast-In-Bed Foods That Will Put You In The Mood For Sex

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9 Breakfast In Bed Foods To Get His Libido & Heart Health Pumping

What's better than a romantic relationship filled with passion, food, and amazing sex with the love of your life? Comfort food and secure love are pure bliss. We fall in love and cook for each other —  it's one way that we say, "You're special to me."

In fact, whether or not a couple will dine together is how we know when two people have progressed from an initial attraction to serious.

A first date might involve just meeting for coffee or drinks. When things get serious, dates progress to a romantic dinner date at a fancy restaurant.

When it's time to meet each other's parents or extended family, it's over someone's place over a home-cooked meal.

You have wine, eat dessert, then snuggle up for a late-night movie and eat some more.

Then, when things are really serious, you spend the night, have sex, and serve each other breakfast in bed.


Food and sex are part of the romantic mix. He feeds her. She feeds him. It's no wonder couples gain weight when they fall in love. 

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But weight gain can create unpleasant health side effects in both men (and women).

Comfort foods are often made from unhealthy ingredients like sugar and processed carbs, and fat —  all create inflammation in the body. Fat can actually contribute to the inflammation that causes erectile dysfunction in men and reduced libido in women

Inflammation is core to erectile dysfunction because it affects blood flow. Poor blood flow may equate to reduced sexual performance especially if you are a little older.

For men, he needs good blood flow to perform sexually. When sexually aroused, his blood starts pumping to his penis. If those vessels are constricted due to inflammation, he may still get an erection, but just not as hard as he wants to be.

Sometimes, if he does get hard, the erection won't last as long as it could under healthier circumstances. Not to mention, a few pounds and a full belly will make him feel more tired, too. 

Inflammation in women can have a different effect on her body — it can make her feel tired and less energetic. A tired woman is a woman who would rather sleep than get her freak on. 

It's easy to make improvements and support healthy eating as a couple by simply exchanging pancakes for fruits and getting creative when you want to snack and snuggle.

Besides, love is being a team includes having each other's back in all areas, and that includes our health. And although we love each other no matter what size we are, the goal is to live long, happy lives.

Here are some amazingly simple, and good foods that boost the libido and get your heart pumping with Viagra-like effects. 

1. Strawberries are a great breakfast in bed food and a natural libido booster. Packed with Vitamin C it won't just improve both your sex drives, but they are heart smart, too.

Strawberries help improve sperm counts in men, and they also help to reduce inflammation in the body.

When buying strawberries, go ahead and splurge since they are on the Dirty Dozen List of fruits that tend to carry high levels of pesticides when inorganic.

These little red, juicy delectables can be eaten by the handful, and I'm sure you can find fun ways to help each other reach your 1,000 mg of Vitamin C, and perhaps fit in some sexual cardio in afterward. You can dip it in Greek yogurt and make it extra yummy.

2. Watermelon — It's not just full of water, it's a great breakfast in bed fruit that's full of an amino acid called citrulline which is helpful in combating ED.

Citrulline helps to negate inflammation in blood vessels allowing for blood flow to improve. In 4 oz of watermelon or 10 watermelon balls, there is around 150 mg of this powerful natural ingredient. Although it used to be said that the bulk of citrulline was found in the rind, researchers stated that eating the fleshy part is all that's needed.

A fun way to make watermelon easy to eat without a lot of mess is to cube and put on skewers and refrigerate the night before. 

3. Blueberries —  take these cute little blue buttons of health and add them to your breakfast in bed routine. These little babies are flavonoid-rich foods that help to lower the risk of ED in men, too.

Blueberries are also on the Dirty Dozen List, but you can buy them frozen. Blueberries are low carb and are considered a super food.

They protect against free-radical damage which can cause premature signs of aging. And, they help improve the heart by preventing cholesterol from becoming oxidized.  

4. Raw, soaked oats — breakfast in bed doesn't have to require cooking and you can skip the cereal and milk, too. Overnight oats have the fiber that's healthy.

Fiber-rich foods are essential to good health. Oats have l-arginine, another amino acid that's used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Also, oats can help slim down your waistline, they keep a body regular, and more importantly, oatmeal helps to regulate blood sugar levels, improve cholesterol levels, and all this adds up to better overall body health.

But if you're not fond of minute oats, soak oats overnight with cinnamon, almond milk, and some honey for a creamy and sweet treat to share with your sweetie.

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5. Raisins — Low energy? Raisins are high in iron and improve oxygen levels in the body, and that helps blood flow.

Raisins are sweet, and some come chocolate covered or yogurt dipped. But did you know that they also packed full of arginine? Arginine increases iron levels in the blood, and women often struggle with low levels of iron.

In ancient medicine, raisins have been used to treat men for erectile dysfunction. Low iron levels in women are common and can make you feel tired especially just before, after, and during menstruation. 

6. Green tea increases the size of the blood vessels in the body and are full of antioxidants, too.

Green tea, specifically matcha green tea has been proven to improve sexual libido in women. There is a mineral called L-Theanine that helps the body produce more dopamine. Dopamine in the body increases a person's sense of reward and pleasure — perfect for couple's and bonding.  

If you're a coffee person, why not try substituting water with some green tea to get your caffeine and an antioxidant boost in one cup. 

7. Pumpkin seeds — encourage each other to feel good and add this item to your breakfast in bed snack tray. Nut proteins give the body amino acids chains known as tryptophan.

Tryptophan is like nature's own Prozac substitute because it helps the body to produce serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is produced in the brain and aids in sleep and a sense of well-being. As women age, stress can reduce the amount of serotonin in the body which can lead to chemical depression.

There are few foods that help the body to negate the impact of stress in this unique way. Pumpkin seeds can be snacked on while watching a movie together, or simply added on top of a fruit cup, or try pumpkin seeds roasted.  

Best of all, this list of 7 breakfast in bed friendly foods can be prepared the night before. Or if you're really in a hurry and want to make something easy to go for your sweetie, try mixing a few of the ingredients for a natural-Viagra smoothie.

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