7 Reasons Why The Kindest People Are Also The Strongest People

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I feel like kindness is in short supply these days. The world seems to be a bit off of its axis. We feel divided and disconnected, and it’s disappointing because you and I both know that humans are better than that.

People say if you don’t care then you’ll never get hurt, or if you hold no expectations for others you’ll never be disappointed. While in theory, these statements are true, they don’t take into account one very important piece of the puzzle:

We are all human, and we all have wants, needs, and emotions. Ignoring our very most inner core is a weakness.

Do not let the harsh world rob you of your emotions. Do not let the cruelness of another deprive you of the deep love you can feel within yourself. We are all humans and we can all thrive in this life together if only we would be a little kinder to each other.

Here are seven reasons why kind people are, in reality, strong people.

1. Kind people put themselves out there.

Anyone who has ever admitted their feelings or revealed a secret understands that it’s not an easy task. The emotional fortitude it takes to reveal your innermost self to another human is a special kind of strength reserved for those with the strongest of spirits.

2. Kind people have the power to help others.


Strength is not only about what you can do for yourself, but what you can give to others. Kindhearted people have more willingness to help others. This gives them an added layer of power and strength over those who act selfishly. Kind people are the ones who can really make a difference in the world.

3. Kind people have built up their resilience.

When you lift weights you physically break down the muscle. The amazing thing is that as the muscle repairs itself it grows back bigger and stronger than before, but the “damage” needs to happen first. The same happens to your heart — not literally, but metaphorically. The more challenges you face, the more resilient you become.

Remember point number 1: kind people put themselves out there. This means they have a higher chance of getting hurt, but in the long run, they end up smarter, wiser, and stronger because of the experience.

4. Kind people have control over their own emotions.


Kindhearted people have the tolerance and patience necessary to remain cool, calm, and collected under difficult circumstances. This could be when dealing with a difficult customer or an argumentative partner. Anyone who has ever needed to keep their emotions under control knows it takes inner strength and kindness to get through it.

5. Kind people develop themselves further.

If we aim to have self-awareness, what we love or don’t love about another person will open our eyes to what we love or don’t love about ourselves. If we shut ourselves off to the world, we only allow stimuli into our lives that we choose. This makes our personal growth process look like walking down a narrow hallway instead of walking into an open field of possibilities. If we open our minds to others we never know what we may learn.

6. Kind people are interested in new perspectives on the world.


One of the things that makes life so interesting is the vast diversity of people on our planet. Each one of us has a unique background, upbringing, thought process, and outlook. What an amazing opportunity it is to tap into any mind on the planet simply by having a conversation.

Without this curiosity we only spend time with those who are just like us. Kind people seek out new perspectives and use them to develop into a well-rounded person.

7. Kind people find more happiness in the long run.

Emotional connections with others make us more fulfilled and help us lead more complete lives. Shutting out these opportunities eliminates the risk of being hurt, but also eliminates the possibility of finding happiness.

This article was originally published at James M Sama. Reprinted with permission from the author.