Types Of Nose Rings —​ And The 20 Best Ideas For Each Kind

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types of nose rings

Nose — or, more accurately, nostril — piercings are nothing new. In fact, according to Painful Pleasures, "people have been piercing their noses for a variety of reasons for more than 4,000 years, giving nose piercing one of the longest and richest histories of any type of body piercing." However, nostril piercings did not gain traction in West until the 20th Century, when the piercing became synonymous with punk, artist, and bohemian cultures.

That said, today these types of nose rings and nose ring studs for nostril piercings are relatively common — i.e. they are seen on women and men of all races and all ages. But what is a nostril piercing? Well, according to Infinite Body Piercing, a nostril piercing is any piercing which passes through the high or low nostril, though the piercing "tends to heal most quickly — and look most natural — [when it is placed] in the horizontal crease."

Healing times will vary, depending on the your body, your environment, and how you care for your piercing; however, no matter who or where you are, you should expect this piercing to take at least six months — and, in some cases, a year — to fully heal. 

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The good news is that, while this piercing is healing, you can wear a wide range of jewelry options (from studs and screws to hoops and rings). Below you will find some of our favorite choices, including some truly unique nose rings. (Note: Not all pieces pictured are appropriate for new nostril piercings.)

Studs & Screws

1. Nostril Piercing from Haven Body Arts

This CZ end from Anatometal may be common, but it is far from boring. Cute and classy!

2. Triple Nostril Piercing from Anna Beall


A post shared by Anna Beall (@bananzaaaa) on Apr 25, 2018 at 5:33am PDT

What's better than one nostril piercing? Three.

3. Nostril Piercing from Primal Decor


A post shared by Primal Decor (@primaldecor) on May 14, 2018 at 11:16am PDT

A variation of the classic CZ stud, this floral-inspired piece is perfect for the gal (or guy) who wants to take their nostril piercing to the next level.

4. Nostril Piercing from Evan Quinno


A post shared by Evan Quinno (@evansexcellent) on May 14, 2018 at 8:42am PDT

With a low profile and clean hammered face, this gold disk from Anatometal is elegant and edgy.

5. Nostril Piercing from Misshapen Pickle


A post shared by Jasmine R (@misshapenpickle) on May 13, 2018 at 12:40pm PDT

This rose gold spider from LeRoi Fine Body Jewelry may be cute, but it isn't for the faint of heart.

6. Nostril Piercing from Stay True Body Piercing

With intricate gold detailing and a large center stone, this piece from Anatometal is sure to garner some attention.

7. Nostril Piercing from Haven Body Arts

Want to add some elegance to your look? A simple CZ nostril stud is both beautiful and timeless.

8. Nostril Piercing from Identity Body Piercing

This three bead cluster proofs that sometimes less really is more.

9. Nostril Piercing from Anatomic Body Piercing

Add a pop of color to your face with this genuine turquoise end from BVLA.

10. Triple Nostril Piercing from Infinite Body Piercing

I don't know which is more impressive: the jewelry or the piercings. Seriously. This set is stunning.

11. Nostril Piercing from Aliya Schwengler

Bold and beautiful, this 6mm Hera end from Anatometal really makes a statement.

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12. Nostril Piercing from Dan Chanthongthip


A post shared by dchanthongthip (@dchanthongthip) on May 15, 2018 at 12:39pm PDT

Want a nostril piercing but not set on a simple stud? This gold crescent moon — from Anatometal — is out of this world.

13. High Nostril Piercings from Infinite Body Piercing

What's better than one nostril piercing or two? A pair of nostril piercings and a pair of high nostril piercings.

14. Nostril Piercing from Misshapen Pickle


A post shared by Jasmine R (@misshapenpickle) on May 11, 2018 at 12:38pm PDT

Adorable and fashionable, this star end from Neometal really is stellar.

15. Nostril Piercing from The End Is Near Piercing

The intricate design of the gold Shandra from BVLA makes it cultured and classy. A real statement!


16. Nostril Piercing from Amato Fine Jewelry & Body Piercing

With a CZ end and circular body, this piece from BVLA combines the look of a stud and a ring to make something truly special.

17. Nostril Piercing from Aninha Braga Piercer

There's no such thing as too much bling, and this piece proves it. Beau-ti-ful.

18. Double Nostril Piercing from The Official Bob Jones

Simple and stylish, this CZ stud/ring combo is bound to add some subtle edge to your appearance.

19. Nostril Piercing from Paige Toth


A post shared by Paige E Toth (@paige_toth) on May 12, 2018 at 9:37am PDT

The Oaktier from BVLA isn't just bold, it is beautiful! Seriously. This piece is a real showstopper!

20. Nostril Piercing from Nicole Bealer

This gold ring from Anatometal adds a touch of class to any piercing. Pure elegance!

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