15 Of The Most Beautiful & Unique Pieces Of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

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nipple piercing jewelry

So pretty you'll want to get yours done!

Take it from me, after you get a new piercing — especially nipple piercings — it can be SO hard not to spend all of your money on pretty jewelry right away.

Whether you want to show off your glittery nips to anyone and everyone, or you love having piercings that only you know about, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to some seriously pretty jewelry once they heal.

I’ve always liked the look of matching jewelry in all my piercings, so as soon as I got my nipples pierced, I immediately wanted to change them out for something so sparkly you could see them from space.

Okay, not THAT sparkly, but you get my drift. They were just so pretty (and definitely my favorite piercings to date) that I could hardly wait for them to heal so I could buy new nipple jewelry.

Of course, when you finally do get to that point where you can drop some cash on nipple piercing jewelry, it can be very overwhelming.

There are so many options out there to choose from, and unless you want to change your jewelry every week, you want to choose something that you’re going to love for at least a year.

A good place to look for inspiration is to check out what kind of jewelry celebrities like Rihanna, the Jenners, and Amber Rose are sporting in their nipples.

Of course, with the popularity of nipple piercings skyrocketing recently, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to picking jewelry, but trendsetters like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are a good starting point.

And if you want my advice, I would choose jewelry that matches your personality.

Like all things girly and sparkly? Then heart-shaped nipple shields are perfect for you. Love being treated like a princess? Maybe angel wing barbells are your thing.

But no matter what you choose, there’s no rule that says you can’t have another 10 pair in your jewelry box, too … you know, just in case you do want to switch them out every week.

If you already have your nipples pierced, these barbells will make you want to order some new jewelry ASAP.

But if not, this nipple piercing jewelry will make you want to get your nipples pierced, like, TODAY. Just consider this first:

Little bat-wing barbells
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If you love all things creepy — or are just a huge fan of bats — this nipple shield is the perfect accessory to your piercings. It's dainty, yet cute, and makes your nipple look like a tiny bat!

Creepy skeleton hands
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Dangling nipple jewelry isn't for everyone (and you should definitely be careful not to get it caught on anything), but if you're obsessed with creepy things and Halloween like I am, then these should be your top pick.

Heart-shaped nipple shields
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If you're going get your nipples pierced, you might as well go all out with the jewelry. The sparkly heart-shaped shield is perfect for those of us who want something girly, and the shield makes this barbell unique.

Pretty little bows
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Nothing says dainty and pretty like little bows on your nipples, and it's almost like they're little presents waiting to be unwrapped!

Angel wings for the good girl
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If you were born a little angel (or you're just a bad girl with good taste in jewelry), these angel wing barbells are exactly what you need to make your nipple piercings even cuter.

Vampire fang nipple shields
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This nipple shield is perfect for any and all vampire fans out there. It can be your little secret or your excuse to show people just how much you like vampires.

Flower-inspired nipple shields
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My favorite part about this flower-inspired nipple shield is that it makes it look like your nipple is already part of the flower. Definitely perfect jewelry for the romantic or flower lover.

Colorful dreamcatcher barbell
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Dreamcatcher tattoos are crazy popular, but why not bedazzle your nipple with one, too? The intricate jewelry is both dainty and perfect for the dreamer girl.

Pretty nipple half-shield
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This jewelry is like half nipple shield and half dangling barbell, which is perfect for someone who can't decide what they want, but still want something sparkly. The best part? If you want to take a break from the sparkles, you can take the dangling part off and still wear the plain barbell.

Sparkly arrows
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Why put an arrow through a heart when you can put it through your nipple? This barbell should be your first choice if you're a die-hard romantic or if you just really like archery.

Sparkly bunny ears
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If bats aren't your thing, little bunny ears will surely be your new favorite nipple shields.

Tiny seashell barbells
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Everyone wants to be a mermaid deep down and now with these barbells, you can live your wildest fantasies.

Silver roses
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Nothing says romantic like silver roses to adorn your nipples with.

Gun barbells to make a bang
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If you really want to make an impression with your nipple piercings, these gun-shaped barbells will definitely do the trick. 

Half moon barbells
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What I love most about these barbells is that the gems remind me of moonstone, which is just absolutely perfect for half moon nipple rings — plus, they're dainty enough to hide them when you have to.