14 Pics Of The Hottest Celebrity Pierced Nipples

Just when you think you know someone...

Celebrity Nipple Piercing

Sure, getting nipple piercings hurts, but beauty is pain and pain is beauty. Right?!

With the braless look coming back in style, nipple piercings are the perfect opportunity to add a little something special to your look. Free the nipples, am I right?!

There’s something about those piercings just barely poking through a tank top that makes someone look sexy, bold, and beautiful ALL at the same time.


It’s a little rebellious act that you can keep to yourself or show to the world, but no matter WHO sees them, it’s probably the most badass piercing EVER.


So what IS the big deal about nipple piercings? What makes them so trendy and sexy? What is it about your nipples looking perpetually hard that makes it SO worth the pain?


Look, I’ll be honest, I DID watch my roommate get her nipples pierced once in my freshman year of college. It was equal parts fascinating and terrifying, but she LOVED them.

It wasn’t the worst pain I’ve seen a person be in, but she definitely couldn’t wear a bra for at least 2 weeks without crying. You definitely have to be careful during the healing stages, because they’re SERIOUSLY sensitive.

BUT, they did look AWESOME. And the cool thing is, nipple piercing look badass on ALL sizes, it’s not just for those of us in the itty-bitty-titty committee!

There’s no need to feel even a bit self conscious, because you’re bound to look sexy with these subtle piercings.


On top of that, piercings are known to make your nipples WAY more sensitive… if you know what I’m getting at here (*wink wink*). Talk about multifunctional.

The belly button piercing is already a BIT outdated, so it only makes sense that we need a new, sexy piercing to come into popularity. And who better to make it mainstream than our favorite celebrities?

Pierced nipples are sexy and believe it or not, there are quite a few celebs who have gone under the needle. Celebrities with pierced nipples make the whole idea of jewelry on your jiggly bits a lot more appealing — even though the thought of having it done is totally terrifying.

I mean, these people are OBVIOUSLY fashion forward, trend setters and idols; so when they have their nipples pierced, it kind of makes everyone else want to do it too.


Plus, it’s pretty bad ass to have a little bit of metal peeping out from under that shirt, making even the tamest celeb seem secretly feisty.

You can’t help but admire their boldness for wearing their nipple piercings so proudly, it kind of makes you want to do it too!

If you always wanted to know a dirty little secret about your favorite celeb, here is a list of just some of the celebrities who have some seriously cool nipple piercings. Maybe it'll inspire you to muster up the nerve to get it done yourself.


Or not. Yeah, No. I think I’ll pass.

1Lenny Kravitz

Celebrities with pierced nipples Pinterest

Lenny Kavitz is a serious rock star with his nipple piercings. No shame here!


2Kylie Jenner

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Justjaredjr

We can't see them, but we know they're there. It makes it even MORE sexy. Way to go, Kylie!


3Neil Patrick Harris

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Twitter

Who would have thought, fun-loving dad Neil Patrick Harris would have his nipples pierced? People can surprise you.


4Kendall Jenner

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Glamour Magazine

Matching sister piercings?! I'm into it. The Jenner sisters are on this trend, big time.

5Christina Milian

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Young Money HQ

Christian Millian! As if she couldn't get any sexier, throw some nipple piercings in there. 


6Amber Rose

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples African Spotlight

Amber Rose is a clear advocate for large chested gals getting their nips pierced. I'm here for it!

7Kristen Stewart

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Twihard-Immortal

All the queer girls in the land are screaming. Kristen Stewart is KILLING us, with her sexy vibe.


8Keke Palmer

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Global Grind

Looking professional, yet suuuper sexy, Keke.

9Katy Perry

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Teen

Katy Perry is the queen of different looks, so she HAD to get the coolest piercings.


10Bella Thorne

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Perez Hilton

This Disney star is growing up! Bella Throne is letting the whole world know EXACTLY how badass she is.

11Bella Hadid

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Youtube

It must be a supermodel thing. Bella Hadid is matching her BFF Jenner sisters with her nipple piercings.


12Adrienne Bailon

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples Perez Hilton 

She's not a Cheetah Girl anymore! Adrienne Bailon lets everyone know what's hiding under her fabulous dresses.


13Blac Chyna

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples eonline

Black Chyna isn't a big shock here, she's known for her piercings and tattoos.


14Dennis Rodman

Celebrities With Pierced Nipples DY.123

Does it get any more badass than this? Probably not. Dennis Rodman takes the cake on that one.