14 Brave Women Reveal Why They Like Small Penises SO Much Better

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Why Small Penises Are Better

When it comes to a guy's size, we might be quick to claim that "bigger is better." Despite this commonly known statement, the size of a man's penis doesn't always determine if and how he'll pleasure a sexual partner.

But before you go judging a guy on his size, remember it's not always the size of the boat — it's the motion of the ocean.

In fact, it is really the opinion of the woman herself on what she likes and doesn't like. There are women who actually PREFER smaller penises. Yes, it's true! 

There are many reasons why some women believe that smaller penises are better. Here are some women who reveal why size doesn't always matter.

1. He works harder to make sure you're satisfied.

"I like small penises because the overcompensation for them works in my favor every time."

2. Sex is less painful.

"I honestly like small penises. Like they don't hurt as much and you don't gag anywhere near as often."

3. They fit and feel better. 

"I'm a petite female and I prefer smaller penises because large ones are uncomfortable for me. It takes too long for them to start feeling good."

4. They're easier to please. 

"I love small penises because they're easier to work with. I only pretend to like big ones around my friends."

5. They keep you in top shape.

"I prefer smaller penises simply because I want to stay tight. No one wants to see someone who's stretched out."

6. Small penises are better looking. 

"I think small penises are way sexier than bigger ones and I'm not afraid to admit it."

7. Size honestly is NBD. 

"I think small penises are cute and people shouldn't be ashamed."

8. Big penises don't feel good. 

"I prefer guys with small penises. Big ones are just uncomfortable."

9. Because too big a size makes you feel all types of wrong. 

"Big penises disgust me and make me feel weird. I prefer a small penis every day."

10. Some women just find them adorable. 

"I secretly prefer smaller penises because they look cute. I've never told that to a guy because I don't want to increase his ego."

11. You can't judge it all on looks. 

"Larger penises are ok to look at but in terms of guys I want to sleep with, I prefer men with small penises."

12. The sex can be just as good with smaller sizes. 

"I'm a woman who likes small penises because they can satisfy me just like the big ones."

13. Oral sex is more enjoyable. 

"I like guys with smaller penises because they're easier to give blowjobs."

14. It depends more on the man than the size of his penis. 

"I actually prefer men with smaller penises. They have to know how to use it though. When done properly, sex is an art."