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The Surprising (And SEXY) Thing That Makes Your Marriage Unbreakable

Photo: unsplash / jordan bauer
Why Sexting Is Good For Your Marriage

By Elizabeth Mitchell

Could turning up the heat in your marriage be as simple as turning on your phone and typing out a naughty text? Um, yeah.

According to recent research presented at the American Psychological Association's 123rd Annual Convention, the more you sext the more sexually satisfied you’re likely to be in your relationship.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Here are five other surprising perks of getting your sext on with the hubs.

1. More emotional intimacy and less stress

Did you know that the improved sexual connection from sexting can actually increase emotional intimacy and even emotional well-being? NYC Clinical Psychologist Dr. Michael Brustein affirms this. “Good sex makes you feel more connected to your partner,” he says. “Consequently, partners that are closer to their significant other feel more supported and loved, which can help them manage stress.”

2. A sex life like you had when you first met

Sexting is the perfect foreplay and can help you get out of that awful dry spell! Sharing fantasies, seductive comments or sultry pics can create anticipation and build up tension, leading to the rapid shedding of clothes and explosive sex after a long day of work, tells Brustein. “This passion and excitement can make your marriage feel as it did during the courting phase.” And what husband and wife wouldn’t welcome that?

3. Physical validation

Many men in therapy often wonder if their wife is attracted to them, notes Brustein. “Sexting can be extremely affirming and validating. It lets your partner know that you find them attractive and think about them when they aren’t there.”

4. Increased self-esteem and body confidence

Although sexting in teens is associated with lower self esteem, licensed marriage and family therapist Carrie Krawiec, Executive Director of Michigan Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, believes that adults who sext can actually grow more confident of their body and sexual self in their relationship when the act is met with a positive response, that is.

“The best thing about it is you don't even have to take a photo of your whole nude body. It can be just a body part, a clothed part or a picture of a toy or lingerie. It may even be a few choice emojis or some sexy words.” Ow, ow!

5. Sexting is fun! And a way to build your marital bond

It’s like an inside joke between the two of you, says Krawiec. She advises having code words and safe words so you know when and where is a right time to send a sexy text. “In a world of working parents and busy kids it may feel like sex or sexting has no place. However, inside jokes can make you feel like you’re speaking a language all your own, which strengthens the bonds of your relationship.”

This article was originally published at Brides. Reprinted with permission from the author.