The Zodiac Sign You Have The BEST Relationship Compatibility With

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You should only have the best.

We all want our relationships to be amazing. You know the kinds of relationships that are filled with incredible chemistry, affection, and compatibility? We want to feel that not only does our partner complete us, but that they enable us to have spectacular lives.

However, there’s no surefire way to get this fantastic relationship.

Sometimes, someone can look perfect when you write down their qualities, but somehow, they just don’t gel with you or they may seem like the exact opposite of what you’re looking for.

It’s tricky to find your perfect match. You don’t want just someone that you share the same values with (though that’s definitely important) and you don't want someone who is just super-hot. No, you want somebody who matches you on a number of levels.


The funny thing is that to have the most amazing relationship compatibility with someone, they don’t need to be perfect, in fact, you wouldn’t want them to be. You want their weaknesses and flaws to be able to meld with your own, or at least not annoy them to distraction.

There’s no exact science to compatibility, although some dating sites would have you think otherwise. You can wish with everything you’ve got to be compatible with someone, but if the spark and the eventual fire aren’t there, whatever you have between you will fizzle out.

So, what can you do to try and gauge if you’d be able to have a lasting connection with someone?


One of the ways that astrology is great is that it can suggest what kind of people (based on their zodiac signs) we’d have a better chance of having a long-lasting, true-blue connection with, and astrology can help you listen to your inner voice when it’s screaming at you to move on, but you continue to date someone because you want things to work out.

Let the stars point you in the right direction so you can find the sign that you’ll have your most compatible relationship with.

Aries and Sagittarius
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Both signs are very active and like to be doing things and having new experiences. They're both very independent and outgoing but can be foolhardy. Both are blunt and if they can take what they dish out, they'll be able to communicate on the same level.

Life will never be dull with the Aries and Sagittarius mix and there's no doubt that no one will ever accuse them of becoming a boring married couple. They are alike in so many ways that it makes them hugely compatible.


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Taurus and Libra
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While Taurus may dig their heels in, Libra tries to keep things moving smoothly. Libra will appreciate Taurus' decisiveness and loyalty, and Libra's compromising nature prevents any clashes with the legendary stubbornness of Taurus. Taurus and Libra are the push me/pull me of couples but it works. Their weaknesses are the other one's strength which is why they're so compatible.


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Gemini and Aquarius
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Both signs can talk and talk and talk. They both value their independence, their intellect, and need a lot of stimulation to keep from getting bored. They have many things in common like the high value they put on their friends and both have friendly personalities and great senses of humor.

The two-sided quality that Gemini has is sure to keep Aquarius fascinated, while Aquarius' unique point of view is intriguing to Gemini. They're the couple that everyone wants at their party.


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Cancer and Taurus
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Cancer needs someone that they can depend on and who will truly listen to them, and Taurus will do both. Together, Cancer and Taurus prize home, family, and comfort above flashier things. Taurus gives Cancer stability and Cancer gives the love that Taurus so desires. Their compatibility is like a jigsaw puzzle — some the pieces are odd shapes but somehow, they fit together.


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Leo and Scorpio
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It's a good thing that Leos crave attention because they'll get Scorpio's undivided attention. You'd think that the famous Scorpio jealousy would put Leo off as they're constantly surrounded by people who want them, but Leo enjoys Scorpio's intense devotion to them.

They're both extremely passionate, creative, and dynamic. Leos are 75 percent sure they're amazing but they need someone to give them the remaining 25 percent of confidence that they need. Leo and Scorpio enjoy drama (both fictional and real life) and have an electric sex life


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Virgo and Virgo
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No one understands a Virgo as much as another Virgo. They're analytical, meticulous, shy on the streets but wild in the sheets, and can be overcritical of themselves and others. It's difficult for anyone to live up to a Virgo's high standards so it makes sense that the most compatible sign for them is another Virgo.


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Libra and Gemini
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These two signs have a lot in common as both are people-pleasers, love to socialize, and have a high level of spirituality and intelligence. Libra and Gemini seek a balanced and harmonious relationship and can be changeable and inconsistent. They both tend to not have a rigid moral code and are liberal where their politics and sexual conduct is concerned.


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Scorpio and Pisces
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Both are creative and passionate, but Pisces will allow Scorpio to be more dominate while they take a more submissive role. While Scorpio is more down to earth and Pisces is dreamier, their differences work well together. Scorpio can get jealous and possessive which suits Pisces just fine as they want to be adored and loved. These two can communicate just with their eyes and, without making a sound, they're that connected.


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Sagittarius and Aquarius
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These two keep each other laughing, and their union is one of fun and trying new things. They both value independence, exploration, and like to change things up from time to time. Sagittarius never wants to be bored and Aquarius has that same openness to new experiences as Sagittarius. They spend time together but also have their own solo adventures so they can come back to their partner energized and with stories to tell.


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Capricorn and Virgo
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These two have so much in common, they might have been made for each other. Both appreciate order, hard work, and can be somewhat reserved. When they team up, there's nothing Capricorn and Virgo can't solve or fix. They both have a surprisingly healthy sexual appetite, proving that they aren't all work and no play. While they can be social and funny, they both have moments of introversion and need time alone to decompress.


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Aquarius and Libra
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Aquarians get along great with Libras as both have very social sides to them and both would prefer to keep things light without big displays of emotions. Although Libra doesn't enjoy conflict, they will fight for justice and that's what Aquarius is all about. Aquarius is independent but still protective, and both are exceptionally unique and imaginative individuals.


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Pisces and Cancer
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Both are highly emotional and intuitive, but Pisces is also empathetic and can be a wonderful ally for Cancer. They share similar values, prizing the people in their lives over expensive toys. They both will do anything to create a safe and protective home, and would rather have a night in than a night on the town partying. They're compatible emotionally, sexually, spiritually, creatively, and their relationships tend to be strong.


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