3 Emotional Reasons Men Leave Their Marriages As Told By YT Experts

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3 Surprisingly Emotional Reasons Men Leave Their Marriages

These are serious deal breakers.

As sudden as a divorce may feel, the truth is no emotional connection dies overnight. Just like a relationship builds toward marriage over time, the intimacy shared between you and your man fall apart in stages.

Now, he doesn't seem as interested as he once was and you're worried that he might be one foot out the door to ending the relationship.  

You've tried every trick to make things better.

You've tried to talk things over.

Maybe you've confronted him and told him you want to hear him out, but he's shut down and doesn't seem to be reciprocating any interest in working on your marriage.

You're frustrated because you just know in your gut that he's checked out.

He's not calling you from work the way he used to do during the day to say, "Hi". When you text him, he takes forever to respond. The things that used to turn him on no longer seem to have any lasting impact. He used to touch you constantly, but now it seems like he's completely lost interest in affection. You feel certain that something is terribly wrong, but you're not willing to let your love die without a fight

The bottom line is that men handle their emotions differently than women do.

Before a man abandons his marriage, he wants to be sure it's the right thing to do. As strange as it seems, a man will tend to process his thoughts about whether or not it's time to end things in isolation. When he's unhappily married, he might dive into work and spend longer hours at the office or fixate on his fitness to be alone with his thoughts at the gym.

They are certain issues that tend to be deal-breakers behind the reasons why men leave. We asked a panel of our YT Experts to name the most common explanations they heard from men regarding their dissatisfaction with marriage. 

Here are the top 3 emotional reasons men leave women, and eventually, their marriages:

1. Money problems are a BIG deal and how you talk about it with him can make or break your relationship.

"Couples divorce over money more than for any other reason. Guys don't want a marriage where their spending (or saving!) is constantly questioned. Fighting about money is emotional and sucks the life out of a marriage that started out as an adventurous team effort." — Scott and Bethany Palmer

Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, are financial planners, authors, and speakers who help couples tackle money issues in their relationship. Grab a copy of "The 5 Money Personalities: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language," and take the FREE online Money Personality Assessment.

2. Your unhappiness makes him feel like a failure.

"A common mistake women make is thinking we can't be too easily impressed or our guy will get lazy. A man marries the one he thinks he can make happy. When a wife is perpetually unhappy (or unhappy on principle) he won't try harder. If nothing he does is ever good enough, he'll take it as a huge failure to provide what is needed; and as he walks out the door, you'll hear him say, 'You deserve to be with someone who can make you happy.'" — Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman is the author of 121 First Dates and is a dating, sex and relationship coach. You can read her advice column and more on her website.

3. When you reject him physically, it makes him feel unwanted.

"Men are crushed by a lack of affection. When a woman no longer touches them or sits on their lap and kisses them they feel gutted. Men would love it if their women initiated sex frequently, but in the absence of taking the lead for sex, caresses, fondling and stroking regularly keep a guy from feeling unloved and untethered. Look in his eyes and tell him he's your king." — Susan Bratton

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