7 Reasons We Need To STOP Being So Embarrassed About Oral Sex

We've all done it. How is it still so damned taboo?!

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Ah, oral sex.

It's just plain awesome.

There's no two ways about it.

But, for many people, male and female alike, talking about oral sex is NOT even remotely awesome.

We think of mouths on genitals and we get ... well ... a little bit embarrassed.

It makes sense, but it shouldn't be that way.

Oral sex has some amazing benefits, and talking about it can bring you closer with your partner. 

Here are 7 reasons to shake off the embarrassment and talk about oral sex. Because oral sex shame isn't healthy ... or fun. 


1. Oral sex is just sex


Guess what? 

Oral sex is just sex. 

When we say "sex" we're using the word as an umbrella term to cover a lot of activities up to and including penetrative sex. 

If someone crinkles their nose at the word cunnilingus or blowjob they need a reality check:


Oral sex is just sex, and sex is a healthy part of the human experience, one we ought to talk about more. 

2. Oral sex isn't for everyone 

Like many things that happen in the bedroom (or wherever you have sex) some people like oral sex, and others don't. 

A lot of people develop opinions about oral sex based on the fact that it's taboo and thus, not commonly talked about.

Women, in particular, have been taught to be embarrassed of the way our vaginas smell and the idea of someone going down on us might make us cringe.

You can't  know for sure if something's right for you unless you try it. 

3. Oral sex is a stress buster 



What happens during good oral sex?


What are orgasms known to do?

Bust stress. 

Yup, there's science to back it up and everything. 

So stop being embarrassed about wanting him to eat you out and think of your cortisol levels, come on! 

4. Oral sex makes you look younger 

If we talked about oral sex more instead of being all shy about it more women would know about the health benefits of semen! 

Semen is proven to actually be GREAT for you skin!

Looking for a way to get your partner off AND handle those crow's feet?

Semen for the win! 

5. Oral sex is common 



60 to 80% of sexually active adults on planet earth are having oral sex.

If so many people are doing it, then why are we still making it something embarrassing to talk about?

If you want to be having oral sex and you aren't, talk to your partner about it.

You might find they're desperate for some oral sex too! 

6. Oral sex is a learned skill 

No one is born knowing how to give the perfect blowjob. 

That would be weird. 


The same goes for cunnilingus. 

These are sexual acts that we have to learn through wonderful, wonderful trial and error. 

If we are coy about oral sex, and don't talk about it, we will never learn how to perform it.

And that, my friends, would suck. 

7. Oral sex is good for your heart


You know what's not embarrassing?


Protecting your man from heart disease. 

When your partner performs oral sex on you, he is helping your body produce oxytocin and DHEA two chemicals that have been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Knowing what I know now I seriously don't understand why we aren't all just 69-ing at all times.