11 Common Beauty Trends That All Men Secretly HATE

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trends guys hate

I love beauty and fashion trends.

I fully admit that loads of them can be ridiculous, but that has officially never once stopped me from wearing mud colored lipstick or parading around in a series of ill-advised bell bottom jeans. 

I'm a woman, and I don't dress for men. 

I dress for myself, and from time to time, for the benefit of the women around me.

I play around with trends as a way of expressing myself, so I usually can't be bothered to avoid trends guys hate.

But that doesn't mean I don't know exactly which trends guys hate.

Because while some guys don't have a clue when it comes to fashion, sometimes their eye for what's ridiculous is totally on point.

In the end, what matters is that you do what you love, what makes you feel good

But just in case you were curious what beauty trends guys hate, here are a few of their least favorites.

1. Winged eyeliner 


We think we look like ideal, men think there's been some sort of makeup accident.

2. Fancy lingerie 


We think there's nothing sexier than leather and lace, all he sees are a million things he has to untie to get to the real prize.

3. Red lipstick 


We think red lipstick looks hot as hell, so does he... but on you, and not on him. 

4. Long fake nails 


We think long fake nails are edgy and trendy and made for Instagramming! He thinks they only look good on Wolverine. 

5. Fake tan 


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We think it gives us a healthy glow, he thinks it makes you look like you live on the Jersey Shore. 

6. Glittery lips 


We think it looks totally fly, he's worried about pooping out glitter after a solid make out session. 

7. Jumpsuits 


We think we look 1970s cool, he's just baffled about how you pee. 

8. Oversized sunglasses 


We think they make us look tiny and charming, he thinks you look like a mantis. 

9. Pixie cuts 


We think we look like Michelle Williams, he thinks you look like a dude. 

10. Wedge sneakers 


We love the added height and casual style, he thinks you should be able to run in sneakers. 

11. Fake eyelashes 


We love how they make our eyes look luscious and sweet, he thinks you have spiders on your face. 

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