9 Reasons Why Wearing Makeup Doesn't Make You A Liar

Paint yo' face!

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I am so tired of people trying to explain to me why makeup is a lie. 

A lie is when you eat your roommate's cheese and then tell her that you did not.

Wearing lipstick is just wearing lipstick.

I understand the reason for people insisting why makeup is a lie. 

A woman's physical appearance has always been examined and policed in a way men will never understand. 

But you can be a feminist and like makeup. 


You can be a person who doesn't wear makeup daily, but who still likes it. 

If someone feels like it's their place to explain to you why makeup is a lie, you don't have to sit back and take it. 

Here are 9 reasons makeup is totally NOT a lie. 

1. I know I'm beautiful with or without it. 



My face is my face is my face. 

Nothing (short of going under the knife) is going to change that.

I'm not wearing makeup because I think I'm ugly without it, I'm wearing it because I like how it looks. 

I'm not wearing it to make you or anyone else love me, I'm wearing it for me. 

2. Makeup is my armor. 



In days of yore, old fashioned knights wouldn't think of going into battle without makeup on.

You think I'm going to go on a date without red lipstick?

Absolutely not. 

I'm going to put on a beautiful rich shade of lipstick, line my eyes and go kick that job interview's butt! 

It might not protect my head the way a helmet would, but damn if it doesn't make me feel like a warrior! 

3. Wearing makeup is fun. 



If you're trying to explain to me why makeup is a lie, then you're missing the point.

Makeup is FUN! 

Blue lipstick? Glitter for days? Eye shadow that makes me look like a sexy unicorn? BRING IT ON! 

Playing with makeup RULES, and we've all got the sexy selfies to prove it. 

4. Women who wear makeup make more money. 



Is it okay that women who wear more makeup get more respect and often more money at work?

Absolutely not.

But is it a fact?


5. Putting on makeup can be damn relaxing. 


Sometimes, full disclosure here, I put on makeup when I have no plans.

I'm not doing it to impress anyone, not even myself.


I'm just doing it to relax and de-stress after a tough day. 

6. I'm not trying to fool anyone with my makeup. 


It drives me nuts that some men get hostile about this! 

Hey dudes of the world: I am not trying to "pull one over on you" by wearing foundation.

I'm just wearing foundation. Relax. 


7. The makeup I wear doesn't mean I'm a slut.


If I wear a bold, juicy lip color and thick lashes it means just that:


That I'm wearing a bold juicy lip color and thick lashes.

It doesn't mean I'm on the prowl, it doesn't mean I'm a slut, it doesn't mean anything. 

8. Makeup can make us feel powerful. 


Forget going into battle and wearing armor, sometimes wearing a cat-eye liner that's expertly applied can make us feel powerful.


It can make us feel in control and all put-together.

I don't say that your bespoke suit is a lie, leave my eyeliner alone. 

9. Makeup is for everyone.



Makeup isn't just for girls.

Makeup is for everyone, male, female, or other. 

In fact, the latest face of Covergirl isn't a girl at all, he's a boy and he's gorgeous. 


If you doubt me when I say that makeup is an art, a source of inspiration, and something that exists to make everyone happy, then you haven't been spending nearly as much time on Instagram as you should.