6 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is No Longer In Love With You

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6 Obvious Signs Your Partner Is No Longer In Love With You

It might be time to move on with your life.

Breakups, separations, and divorces all suck — there's no other way to put it. While the end result might be two people moving away from each other so they might find happiness elsewhere, in the moment, it's easily one of the saddest times in a person's life.

What's worse is that these divisions can come out of the blue. You might think that your relationship is going steady with no troubles, but that doesn't necessarily mean your partner is feeling the same way. If you're paying close attention to the relationship, you'll notice when things are headed south or when one or both of you is falling out of love.

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Suddenly, the small things that you took for granted stop happening, and you get that feeling that maybe your partner is starting to feel differently about the two of you. It's best not to ignore these little things. Here are six signs he doesn't love you anymore to look for.

1. They're showing a complete lack of interest in you.

One of the most obvious signs he doesn't love you anymore and might be ready to move on is that they have zero interest in the happenings of your life.

If you find them flirting and spending time with other people more often than they're doing the same with you, it's a good sign that they're getting ready to pack up and head out. It's best to start figuring out how to focus on yourself if this is the case.

2. You get blamed for everything bad in their life.

If your partner has suddenly turned to blaming you for all of the problems in their life, it's a good sign that they resent you in some way, shape or form, and are taking out their unhappiness on you. They see you as holding them back.

3. They always have an excuse for avoiding you.

Does your partner suddenly have to stay late at work every night, or go on business trips every weekend, or refuses to bring you with them to friendly gatherings or parties?

That can be a sign that they're trying to avoid spending time with you and likely do not want to be with you. And, unfortunately, in some cases, they may have already found someone else to be with.

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4. Their future plans do not involve you.

Sometimes people find out the hard way that their partners are making future plans that don't involve them. If you find out that your partner's dreams for the future don't actively involve you being by their side, it's time to move on. Otherwise, you might come home to an empty house without any notice.

5. They feel as though they don't need to explain themselves.

When someone has decided that they no longer want you to be a part of their life, they sometimes don't feel that it's necessary to fill you in on the reasons behind their actions or feelings. If they can't even explain to you why they're getting rid of you and the relationship, you're better off without them anyway.

6. You regularly feel hurt by them, but often blame yourself.

Sometimes the signs are incredibly obvious that it's over. If your partner regularly disrespects you, degrades you, lies to you and generally shows apathy toward you, then it's over.

Not only do you not deserve this treatment, but eventually you'll start to question whether or not it's you who's to blame. Don't let it get to this point. Recognize that you are worthy of love and move on with life.

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