9 Signs You And Your Friends Are A Little Bit Lesbian

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When I was in middle school, the popular girls liked to sneer at me and my friends for being "total lesbians."

Ever the activist even back in the day, I didn't let this bother me, even though I identified as a straight woman. 

"Yeah," I'd say, grabbing a friend's hand, "we're totally lesbians."

If you're in a close relationship with another woman and you both happen to actually be straight, it can be hard to wrap for people to wrap their heads around. 

That's because girl friends who aren't girlfriends have no problem with people thinking we may be lesbians! After all, there's nothing wrong with being in a lesbian relationship, right?! 

And we know that sometimes, the line drawn between truly loving our friends and being in love with our friends can be faint at best.

Being close with friends with another woman means enjoying a level of intimacy (emotional and physical) that is so awesome it often makes other people jealous. 

Here are 9 signs that your straight friendship might be a little bit lesbian (and why that's a total compliment).

1. You're constantly stripping in front of each other. 


Straight friends think nothing of whipping off their tops around each other. And their bottoms. And whatever else needs removing.

Being naked with your friends doesn't mean you're looking to embrace a new totally LGBT lifestyle, it means you feel comfortable enough with your friends to be literally naked in your own skin around them, and that's beautiful.

Plus it gives you the excuse you've been looking for to ask about that bra she has that you ADORE. 

2. You know what her boobs feel like...


..and she knows what your butt feels like. 

The men you know with straight friends might love each other, but when they go to the movie theater they leave a sit in between them so no one will think they're gay. 

That's ridiculous (and homophobic), and any girl with a super intimate woman friend will agree. 

In close female friendships, we view our friend's bodies as extensions of our own, and who doesn't like to have their butt squeezed one in a while? 

3. Snuggling on the regs is required in friendship.  


Forget Netflix and chill, for you and your bestie it's always been Netflix and snuggle.

Sure, you may start the movie marathon on opposite sides of the couch, but you know you're going to wind up in a puppy pile of snuggles before too long. 

Being straight friends doesn't mean you can't enjoy the comfort and love of physical contact. 

4. You've definitely made out once. 


Getting drunk and making out with your best friend doesn't make you a lesbian.

It makes you a human person who feels close enough to their bestie that they feel safe to explore and play. 

That doesn't mean you don't laugh about it later, mind you, but it doesn't turn into a big effin' deal. For lots of people, sexuality is fluid and not always just defined as "gay" or "straight". 

You kissed a girl and you liked it, now move along. 

5. They're your go-to threesome third


If your boyfriend wanted to have a threesome, she's the person you'd ask to join you in the sack.

It's a testimony to your friendship and to her hotness that you wouldn't think twice about asking her to join the wild rumpus in your bed. 

6. They take care of you when you're sick.


With boyfriends you have to follow a series of mysterious rules and guidelines when it comes to expecting them to be there when you're sick, but not so with your friendships with women. 

She may be your straight friend, but she's gonna be at your door with soup faster than you can say "You had me at hello." 

7. You cannot stand their exes. 


Or anyone who has treated the friendship love of your life like crap! 

If there's one thing female best friends will always roll up their sleeves and do battle for, it is to defend the honor of their best friend, whether or not that ex is a guy or a girl.

8. You have no problem lavishing each other with praise. 


Boyfriends can be super stingy with compliments, that's why friendships that are a little bit lesbian never are. 

If people heard the two of you cooing over each other's new haircut or newly acquired abs they might assume you're lesbians.

But that's because people cannot handle the depth of female friendship. And are probably afraid to admit their own discomfort with two women really loving each other — lesbians or not.

9. You fight and make up like pros. 


The only people who are better at arguing than you and your friend are couples who have been married for decades.

You fight like people in love, and your reconciliations are just as joyous ... though probably with just a little bit less sex.