12 Slightly Awkward Signs He Likes You

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12 Slightly Awkward Signs He Likes You

There are the obvious signs he likes you, such as straight-up asking for your number or inviting you to dinner. And then there are the not-so-obvious, even awkward signs a guy likes you — and they are the ones that make a guy's intentions very hard to read.

There are different levels of attraction that a person can experience. Sometimes, the attraction you feel is mild, and it’s something that one can easily shrug off. Other times, it’s a strong attraction that can give you butterflies.

And then, once in a very blue moon, there’s the kind of attraction that turns you into a complete and utter blithering idiot. When girls get that attraction, we tend to get clingy, babbly, crazy, or shy.

Nobody knows why guys are stupid when they like you, but when guys get this attraction, they get a little weird. These actions are so blunderous, so outrageous, that you might even think he hates you or is a creep because of them.

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Awkward Signs He Likes You

Don’t be confused by these signs he likes you — they just mean he likes you a bit too much.

Sadly, most girls don’t know how to interpret guys’ actions and dump them as a result. But once you're equipped with this knowledge, all that can change.

1. He clams up. 

A guy who is worried about your interest in him might revert back to his awkward teenage years and start stammering, turning red, and sweating during the date.

Getting him to say anything might be a challenge — a big one.

With the poor conversation skills he’s displaying, guys who do this often shoot themselves in the foot.

2. He won’t stop talking about himself.

A novice salesman will often continue to prattle on about the product and how great it is, without asking what the person on the other end of his sales shtick wants.

Guys who are really into a girl might do this and try to “sell” her on them.

The only problem is that it shows him as egotistical and potentially narcissistic, and that’s just not a good look.

3. He acts like a complete macho jerk.

Ever meet a guy who tries to “out-macho” other guys in order to impress a girl? It often involves insulting others, flexing muscles, and discussing how “alpha” he is.

Needless to say, this never works.

4. He starts bragging about other women he’s bedded.

This is a move that’s often done by guys who feel sexually insecure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on girls the way that they want it to work. Most women who hear this lose interest or assume that they’re jerks out to hurt their feelings, which isn’t necessarily wrong in some cases.

5. He negs.

Men who are really stupid, really inexperienced, or just completely and utterly unaware of how to speak to women, will try to “neg” you.

A neg is a backhanded compliment or flat-out insult that is supposed to lower your self-esteem so that you’ll try harder to be with him. Honestly, if he tries this move, your best bet is to move on.

You don’t need someone that inept in your life.

6. He goes into word vomit mode.

When someone is really nervous, they may start to babble or say something really awkward. They may even start to argue with themselves.

If he’s doing this, try to get him to calm down and take a deep breath.

He’s really terrified of upsetting you.

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7. He stops taking no for an answer.

Sometimes, guys start acting like life is a romance movie and don’t listen to a girl when she says she’s not interested. He just assumes, at this point, that he can “win her over.”

Here’s the thing about this mistake: it’s inexcusable. Even if he likes you more than the world himself, “no” still means “no.”

If he won’t stop bugging you to accept a date, a drink, or a sexual advance, he needs to be shot down. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings. He needs a reality check before someone ends up having to call police on him for assault.

8. He gets crazy inappropriate.

Though it’s really unfortunate, some guys think that talking sex will turn women on. They will get as sleazy and creepy as possible. 

Needless to say, most guys who think this way are single for a reason.

9. He plays the “intellectual jerk.”

Some guys think that the best way to make sure a girl’s into them is to show that they’re smarter than them.

Girls who are naïve might fall for it, but seasoned daters will just get annoyed at him and leave.

10. He acts way too dominant.

A lot of pickup artist guides will tell men to act dominant in order to attract women, so they will. The problem is that a guy who overkills this will end up looking like a psycho.

Also, he might be a psycho. So, avoid him.

11. He starts badmouthing himself.

When a guy is really insecure, he’ll start badmouthing himself in front of his date.

This isn’t attractive and he knows it, but when you’re that much of a nervous wreck, it can almost be on autopilot.

12. He goes full meltdown.

This is thankfully very rare. In my dating life, I have only seen this on one first date. The poor guy curled into a ball, burst into tears, and wouldn’t stop telling me that he’s “lame.”

At this point, there’s not much anyone can do. It may be better to just let him do his, uh... thing.

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