19 Quotes For Lesbians To Shout From The Rooftop

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Who run the world?!

It does not matter who you love, your feelings and your needs matter. Everyone deserves a chance at love, and in a world where there are still people who don't believe in this, it is nice to be reminded that your love is valid, no matter what.


Whether you are feeling for the first time or the fifth time, loving someone can turn you into a person that is full of hope for the future, endless positive emotions, and pure happiness.

With strides like marriage equality growing in so many countries, as well as acceptance in media and across the globe of same-sex love (FINALLY!), your hopes for a bright future ARE attainable.

Maybe you know you have found the right girl to share your life with or maybe you are still out there looking for Mrs. Right, but whatever the case may be, keeping your heart open makes it that much easier to find love.

When your best friend becomes your girlfriend, it can feel like you have won the jackpot.

Some of the best (and strongest) love is between two best friends; you already spend time with each other, you can be open and honest about anything, and knowing everything about her just makes it easier for you to fall for each other.

Even if you haven't found that special woman yet, she's out there — and she's probably looking for you, too.


Until then, though, it is always nice to look to love quotes that make you feel like your sexuality is welcome and accepted (which it is!).

Below you'll find love quotes for everyone who identifies as a lesbian; some silly and some serious, but ALL for YOU, whether you have that special girl in your life or not yet.

If you're searching for the best quotes and memes to share with the people you love (or just want to feel inspired yourself) ... look no further! From the sweetest love quotesinspirational sayings, and hilarious friendship truths, we've got you covered.

"Straighteners don't work. I've been using one for two weeks and I'm still a lesbian."

"We are both 'the girl' in the relationship. That's kinda the point."

"He's a she — and 'she' is amazing."

"Let's get one thing straight. I'm not."

"I prefer girls."

"I kissed a boy and I didn't like it."

"I'm not a lesbian, but my girlfriend is."

"Life is too short to ignore love."

"You make me believe in 'forever.'"

"People will stare. Make it worth their while." — Harry Winston

"Staring at her and thinking, 'How did a girl like her end up with a girl like me?'"

"I'm a girl. I love a girl. And I'm okay with that."

"Too cute to be straight."

"You don't fall in love with the gender. You fall in love with the person."

"The more boys I meet, the more I realize that yeah, I'm for sure a lesbian."

"Love is too beautiful to be hidden in a closet."

"My prince charming is a princess."

"I like a girl. No, I love her."

"She loves me for the way I never leave her and I love her for the thousand secret ways she makes me stay." — Michael Xavier