Your Biggest Insecurity, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

No one feels 100% confident in who they are ALL the time. Even the ones who seem like they've got it all figured out actually don't. Everyone doubts themselves at one time or another — some more than others and for different reasons — but doubt all the same.

It's so easy to be overly critical of yourself when you're constantly comparing yourself to everyone around you.

That's the real b*tch of insecurities — everyone's got them and they're almost always based off of other people. Wouldn't it be nice if we were all just happy with who we are?

Imagine if we didn't care whether or not people liked us or what they thought about us at all. Ugh, everything would be SO much easier that way! We could freely be ourselves without over-thinking and constantly filled with worry or self-doubt. 

Each zodiac sign doubts themselves in a variety of different ways, ranging from the fear of never being good enough all the way to immense trust issues, and everything in between. No matter your sign, it's a given that you have one MAJOR insecurity that you can't seem to settle no matter how hard you try.

Let us tell you what that insecurity is and just how to overcome it, based on your zodiac sign

Aries: (March 21-April 19)

Aries Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

Your biggest insecurity is moodiness. You can't really help it, but you can definitely tell that it gets on people's nerves from time to time. Next time you feel your mood start to shift, try and look on the bright side and think positive! 


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Taurus: (April 20-May 20)

Taurus Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

Your biggest insecurity is thinking that people are always going to leave you. You have a history of being left all alone, and it makes you fear the past repeating itself. This leaves you possessive and stubborn, but just chill out, Taurus, and loosen the reigns a little bit. 

What's going to happen is out of your control, so just make the best of it!


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Gemini: (May 21-June 20)

Gemini Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You're constantly worrying about what people think of you. You put way too much thought into how people feel about you and how to please everyone. STOP! Do what makes YOU happy, who cares what anyone else thinks?


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Cancer: (June 21-July 22)

Cancer Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You have major control issues. You always want things to go your way and you'll stop at nothing to make it happen. Your manipulative ways can be over the top at times and off-putting to most people, so it's time for you to let go a bit and let the chips fall where they may. 


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Leo: (July 23-August 22)

Leo Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You often feel like you can never do anything well enough. Your biggest insecurity is feeling like you're not worth it or never good enough. This insecurity shines through your false confidence and laziness to do anything for fear of failing.

Well let me tell you Leo, you ARE worth it and you WILL succeed. You just have to TRY. Now it's your turn to believe it.


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Virgo: (August 23-September 22)

Virgo Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You have this deep-seeded self-doubt that makes you question everything you and everyone around you does. You are your worst critic and that judgment tends to carry over to your friends and family, too.

It's time for you to become more confident in who you are and allow others to be the people they want to be.


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Libra: (September 23-October 22)

Libra Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

Your biggest insecurity is worrying about people not liking you. You avoid getting into any sort of fight or argument at all costs. The last thing you want to do is make someone upset and cause them to dislike you.

Well Libra, it's time for you to stand up for yourself when you feel you're being slighted and don't be afraid to confront anyone out of fear of being hated — who needs someone that hates so easily in their life anyway? 


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Scorpio: (October 23-November 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You have some SERIOUS trust issues Scorpio. This is by far your biggest insecurity. You find it hard to believe a word anyone says, whether it's in a romantic relationship or just an exchange between friends.

This insecurity could be the death of your social life, so it's time to end it. Let yourself trust again Scorpio, it's scary at first, but you'll learn most people aren't out to get you. 


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Sagittarius: (November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You need ALL the attention in the world. If you're not the center of attention then you feel like something is wrong and people must hate you. Chill out Sagittarius, just because you're not the main focus at the moment, it doesn't make you any less special. So let someone else have the spotlight for a little while, would you?


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Capricorn: (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You are so afraid of being wrong and people thinking you're dumb, that you end up trying WAY too hard to be right ALL the time. You figure that if you're never wrong, everyone will think you're smart and will really take what you say to heart.

Well, watch out Capricorn because most people don't really like a know-it-all. So take it down a notch, it's okay to be wrong sometimes. 


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Aquarius: (January 20-February 18)

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

By far your biggest insecurity is your sensitivity and suppressed emotion. You never let people in on how you feel deep down inside. You only let people see what's on the surface and have a really hard time letting any venture beyond.

Well, Aquarius, it's time to knock down those walls around your heart and let someone in! 


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Pisces: (February 19-March 20)

Pisces Zodiac Sign Self-Esteem Astrology

You feel like you're always going to disappoint people. No matter how hard you try, it's never going to be enough to make anyone truly happy. This insecurity is SUPER draining and leaves you with the intense desire to escape reality. But don't get lost in your daydream just yet Pisces, just do your best with what you're given in this life, and you'll never disappoint! 


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