Red Wine Brownies Are The New Best Way To Get Awesomely Drunk

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Red Wine Brownies Are The New Best Way To Get Drunk

Red wine and brownies sound like one of the most delicious combinations of all time, but now, they’ve taken that a step further.

In what might be the greatest year of discovering the best booze-filled goodies of all time, the brownie wizards are upping their game and straight-up baking gooey chocolate yum-yum squares infused with wine. (Chocolate yum-yum squares is their scientific name, by the way.)

To make this recipe, you’ll need two bottles of wine. Those of you nodding in silent agreement get it, but for those of you staring in shock at the amount of alcohol, open up your notebook and be prepared to get some learnin’.

Bottle one is for you and your friends to enjoy pre-bake, and bottle two is (mostly) for the brownies themselves.

Photo: A Cookie Named Desire

The recipe comes originally from a blogger who goes by A Cookie Named Desire, so we have her to thank for this glorious chocolate boozy treat. She also makes other wonderful things filled with booze, like an apple cider Hot Toddy with brown butter bourbon. Ohhhh yes.

The trick to these boozy brownies is actually in the cranberries inside of it. You’re going to have to let the little red berries sit in a bowl of your favorite wine of choice for about 30 minutes in order to soak up all those awesome alcoholic wonders dancing around inside.

Then, you’re going to make your brownies according to the recipe, and probably have to clean your counters and floor for a minute when you inevitably spill something because you just had a bottle of wine.

Photo: A Cookie Named Desire

When you’re all done mixing your brownies together, you’ll add in your cranberries, pop that tray in the oven, and bake it for nearly an hour — about 50 minutes. You can use this time wisely, or you can just finish off whatever wine is leftover in your kitchen that the berries didn't absorb, and then whatever's left in your house, which, by the way, is going to smell of heavenly, alcohol-soaked red wine brownies.

The taste is probably one of the best you’ll ever find, and you’ll be able to enjoy it with some alcoholic gummies, apple cider mimosas, or any other delicious booze-filled treat you can think of.

If you want to make these awesome brownies and you aren’t too drunk to do it, then you can find the whole amazing recipe here