Booze-Filled Donuts Are The Drunk Dessert You Never Knew You Needed

boozy treats

Colorado might be the new unofficial marijuana capital of America, but now there’s another treat it's offering that can be enjoyed by all.

You’ll never need a card to get your fix of this treat from the Habit Doughnut Dispensary, though you will need to be at least 21 years old in order to enjoy it.

Habit Doughnut Dispensary is a magical, alcohol-fueled shop that allows you to combine two of your favorite sweet treats into one ultra-delight: a booze-infused doughnut that you can actually get a buzz from. How's that for the ultimate boozy treat?

You get to pick from an insane number of delicious, sweet, gooey doughnuts, along with an optional shot of booze, because nothing says “classy” like drinking your whiskey through a doughnut.

Habit Dispensary literally took the only thing that could make doughnuts better and combined the wonderful sweet treat into a bouquet of booze-filled goodness that will absolutely rock your world.

The doughnuts, as mentioned, come with an optional shot of booze, but let’s not kid ourselves. You’re not going to eat a doughnut from here without it because that’s your inner child meeting your outer adult in a boozy, alcohol-infused playground that is now your mouth.

I feel I should also mention these delights come in doughnut ball form as well, which is great if you want to dip them in alcohol and suck 'em down.

The shot comes handily injected into the doughnut when it’s presented to you, and it’s literally like a dream you never knew you had arriving on a plate in front of you and sending you into sweet, buzzy bliss as you bite into it. Are those angels singing? Maybe, but it might just be that punch-drunk doughnut calling your name.

You can choose whiskey, Bailey’s, vodka... there are dozens of different concoctions and choices when it comes to drinking your dessert, including Fireball, which is about as delicious and cinnamon as you could get in drink form.

If you’re more a Captain Jack guy or gal, have no fear, because they have rum as well, and you will literally never have to question why it’s gone. (You’ll know. Trust me, you’ll know.) This could be one of the best things that happened to desserts but don’t go too crazy your first time in, because that doughnut hangover could be pretty wicked.