Wine Ice Cream Is Here, Proving Dreams Really Do Come True

Photo: Unsplash 
Winecream Is Wine Ice Cream That Gets You Drunk In Best Way

Two of the most universally loved things in the world are finally coming together. 

Wine and ice cream — which together, make Winecream — are truly a match made in desert heaven, and thanks the beautiful geniuses at The Crossroad Company, the boozy deliciousness we're now dreaming of stocking our freezers with will soon be available at a store near us and maybe even at our own front doors. 

So if you were planning on getting drunk alone in your apartment ANYWAY, Winecream offers a classier (and probably yummier) alternative to downing a bottle of moscato. Each bowl contains about 10% alcohol by volume, which is around the same amount as a glass of actual wine. 

Time to do your happy dance. 


This magical food invention is not made in heaven, but by flash freezing a mix of wine and cream with liquid nitrogen. And rather than using the classic red and white wines you buy at gas station, Winecream gets even classier by using craft-made fruit wines. Flavors include strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple, and peach.

Currently Winecream is only available at festivals and private events in Baltimore, but the company recently expanded and is hoping to make the heavenly alcoholic treat available to all. 

Fingers crossed it happens by your next period.