Caramel Apple Mimosas Are The Boozy Fall Brunch Drink We All NEED

Photo: YouTube

Fall: A time for scarves, red-tinted leaves, Halloween, and of course, all things Pumpkin Spice.

Until now, anyway. You’ll toss out your pumpkin everything when you meet the newest fall beverage that handily comes with a nice supply of alcohol.

Your squad brunches will never be the same again, and it’s ridiculously simple. Put down whatever lame pumpkin spice drink your girls have in their hands — knock it out if you have to, but save them from themselves.

Hand them an amazing apple caramel mimosa that you didn’t even break a sweat putting together, and then happily clink glasses while you take those delicious things out.


There has never been a drink more infused with the flavors of fall and acceptable midmorning drinking, and it’s so easy to make!

Start by dipping your champagne flutes in caramel. Yes, caramel, because this drink is not for the unenthusiastic dieter. Then, dip the sticky sweetness into a bowl of cinnamon and sugar.

And even though you’re tempted to forego the rest of the beverage making, remind yourself to be strong, because there’s still alcohol coming.


Then, you’re going to fill them with apple cider, salted caramel vodka, and champagne. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have time to re-make the entire thing after you finish drinking it before your friends start arriving.

Garnish their glasses with apple slices (because, duh), and have them ready to go the minute those girls arrive. Trust me, something this heavenly fall-flavored can’t be around long for this world, especially where the word “brunch” is involved.

These drinks are so amazing and easy to make that you can even convince your group that it was way harder than it was, and soak in the compliments.

Downside: you may become the defacto bartender now, and they probably won’t want to do brunch anywhere but your house, at least until Punxsutawney Phil confirms that spring is coming when he fails to see his shadow.

Here's the absolute mouth-watering recipe: