19-Year-Old Woman Says She's Pregnant With The 'Child Of God'

Photo: Dr. Phil

Ummm... wow.

Teenagers can make huge mistakes, but it’s not typically of biblical proportions.

Haley, a young 19-year-old woman, believes that, despite six negative home pregnancy tests, she is nine months pregnant, due to deliver her son in days. Just whose baby does she believe she’s carrying? The child of God, actually.

Photo: Dr. Phil

Haley’s mother and sister believe that she’s delusional, a liar, and is just making it all up for attention, so they’ve enlisted the help of Dr. Phil to put the woman’s outlandish claims to rest once and for all. Despite the concerns of the validity of her pregnancy, Haley was definitely eager for them to complete the ultrasound so she could prove to everybody that her baby was real.


I know I’m pregnant. I’m not crazy,” Haley insists. “I’m going to name my baby Jesus.”

When pressed by Dr. Phil on whether or not she thinks that she really is carrying “the child of God,” Haley responded with a resounding yes.

Haley claims that she has felt the baby kicking within her, even going so far to say that she’s woken up to him moving around and “punching” her stomach. Despite her insistence that the pregnancy is real, her family members have expressed concern for her behavior and want her to stop lying. They even cite instances of other pathological behavior, like Haley’s claim that her real father is Detroit rapper Eminem.


So the Dr. Phil show decided to determine if Haley really was pregnant or if she was just pretending to be.

Dr. Stork, of an affiliated show The Doctors, came on set to discuss the results of the ultrasound, which, unsurprisingly, were not in the young girl’s favor. Based on what he saw, there was no baby; nothing at all, actually. The only thing he said the ultrasound technician noted was that Haley had “distended loops of bowel” that moved when they were pushed on.

“There is absolutely no indication of a pregnancy,” the doctor said. “There is nothing I can say to you other than you are not pregnant.”

Photo: Dr. Phil

Despite assurances from the obstetrician, Haley refused to believe that what she was seeing was real, and insists that regardless of the absence of any child in the ultrasound, she is pregnant and due to give birth in only nine days, from the point of the show’s taping.

So is there a baby? According to doctors, hell no. But if there is really a heavenly baby in there, maybe he was just practicing his miracles or being a little camera shy.  

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