800-Pound Bride To Wear World's Largest Wedding Dress

800-pound Susanne Eman was recently fitted for the largest wedding dress in the world.

800-Pound Bride To Wear World's Largest Wedding Dress Simplylove / Shutterstock

Most brides have specific ideas about what they want their wedding dress to look like, such as style, fabric and design, but in 2012, bride-to-be Susanne Eman was also particular about another facet: the color of the gown.

"I like an off-whitish, not completely white. Because if I wear completely white, I guarantee I'm going to spill something on it," Eman told Inside Edition.

That could happen to any bride, but, to be fair, the odds of making a mess on a wedding gown increase exponentially when you're 800 pounds like Eman, whose average caloric intake is 30,000 calories a day.


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Eman is currently on a quest to become the fattest woman ever, beating the 1200 pound mark once held by Rosalie Bradford, who died in 2006, but what good is a goal if you don’t have someone to share it with?

Luckily, Eman had found love with Parker Clack, a 35-year-old chef she met on the Internet, and she was having fun getting ready for the big day.

“Oh, he’s wonderful. He loves to cook,” she told Inside Edition. “That helps out. His food is soooo good.”

But preparing for the big day meant going to a bridal shop to pick the right dress — one that wouldn’t show food stains.


Making the dress was a monumental task for seamstress Judy Goff, who estimated that Eman’s gown would be much larger than any bridal gown she’s made — or seen.

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“Okay, we have about 15 feet here and we need 45 feet, so about three times this amount to complete her dress,” Goff told Inside Edition.


For the record, Eman’s gown was going to have to fit around her 107-and-a-half inch waistline — that’s nine feet around.

Although it would be possible for Eman to go the whole nine yards with her dress — literally and figuratively — she is taking some steps to make it so that Goff doesn’t run out of fabric entirely. “I want to go sleeveless because it’s going to be summer time,” said Eman.

In 2015, Eman had revealed that she never got married because her groom had left her at the altar. She said, "I would have been the heaviest bride in America. Everything was supposed to be perfect, and then he just split. Of course it hurt. You give someone your heart and you plan to marry them. You don't do that unless you love somebody."

Eman had actually been exercising and losing weight prior to her wedding. She said, "Shortly after I decided to lose weight, he decided to split."


However, after her fiance had left her, she decided to gain the weight back again. "I'm extremely determined to get my weight back."

She also found love again with Nick Abbate. "Cupid has struck again when I never thought he would."

Abbate explained that he met Eman online and that he was also in the process of losing weight. "I was 419 pounds. My ad said that I wanted a lady that was fun, that enjoyed to eat, and that liked having a good time and I got her! As crazy as that is I got her."


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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on April 14, 2017 and was updated with the latest information.