15 Very Honest Men Reveal The REAL Reason They Fell Out Of Love

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Why Men Fall Out Of Love With Women


Life is funny sometimes. You wake up one morning and realize that you are no longer in love with the most important person in your life. The magic is gone. It isn't what it used to be like. It feels like something is missing or just gone forever. Sometimes you lose that lovin' feeling. It happens.

Like women, men fall in and out of love but probably don't talk about it as much. Men feel love the same way; they feel the loss the same way as well, though they may react to it differently.

Maybe he feels the woman of his dreams is no longer by his side; maybe he realizes that they are no longer compatible or never were. Maybe he thinks it is just taking too much work and that his partner-in-crime is not trying. It's possible he feels emasculated or feels his lady has changed over time and is no longer who he initially fell in love with. There are many reasons why people fall out of love .

Here, 15 real men reveal the reasons they fell out of love with women. Get your tissues ready because some of them might break your heart. These men may not explain it in paragraphs, but you can feel their despair.

1. She wasn't who I thought she was.

"The illusion of who I thought she was did not meet the expectation of who she really is. She was never the woman I fell in love with; she pretended to be someone else. I finally realized that everything I was hoping for was never going to happen." Aidan, 29

2. I never loved her to begin with.

"I realized I was never in love with her in the first place. Maybe she changed or maybe I did. Maybe I have never been in love." Virgil, 41

3. I was lonely when we were together.

"I realized that I had fallen out of love when I started feeling lonelier with her than when I was by myself." —Don, 39

4. We lost the spark.

"Over time the spark just faded. Sometimes it does not last the test of time." —Tom, 28

5. I needed to work on myself.

"I was going through a lot in life. I tried to work on it while I was still with her but I couldn't work on myself and our relationship by explaining to her what was really going on. I had to find myself and I couldn't bring her along during that." —Alex, 28

6. She didn't know how to be in a relationship.

"I'm not really good at falling out of love because I'm an extreme lover. Most of the time I have fallen out of love with somebody because either she cheated on me or she became somebody who needed to learn how to be in a relationship. I cannot teach someone that. Some women feel the need to touch the fire that they think will never burn them, and by that time it is too late and I'm gone." —Elton, 32

7. I still love her, even if I don't like her.

"I don't think that you ever fall out of love. To me, once you love someone you love them forever. Even if they wrong you or distance grows between you two. I don't believe that you stop loving. I believe the love always remains but that it gets shadowed by resentment or disappointment. I never stopped loving my ex-girlfriends, I just stopped liking them." —Jake, 31

8. We could no longer co-exist.

"In my previous relationship, I fell out of love because I lost sight of us working together." Ray, 30

9. She was the devil reincarnate.

"She put me through so much drama and pain that I stopped feeling any joy in life. I wanted it to work but I realized I would never be happy with her so I left. I will always have love for her, but I'm no longer in love with her because she's the devil. A very beautiful devil, but you can only take it for so long." —Darren, 37

10. She was a cheater.

"I fell out of love because the woman I loved had been lying and cheating on me for months. As much as I wanted her back, I knew that she was no longer the woman I had known for so long, but someone else. Or perhaps that had been the real her all along..." —Robert, 33

11. I had my heart broken and haven't loved since.

"I have only fallen out of love once by force, and have never fallen in love after that. My only real girlfriend broke up with me, and after that, I haven't really dated anyone." Tom, 23

12. I realized that I felt ten years older than I really was. 

"I was living a life that smothered me and I needed something to make me feel alive again. I talked to my ex-girlfriend about it and asked her to meet me halfway. That didn't happen. I left shortly thereafter because I knew I'd never be happy. There was no avoiding it because we had different ideas of what happiness really is." —Ashton, 29

13. I have only fallen out of love with myself.

"I get too selfless in relationships and forget that I need to and deserve to love myself the way I love her. It is hard to love someone when you do not love yourself first." Jamal, 25

14. I could no longer trust her.

"I fell out of love with a girl because she wasn't honest with me. I could not trust her or depend on her. I always give 100 percent in any relationship and I expect the same in return. Together, two people should be a team that is strong forever. Without teamwork and all the lies, it never works." —Geoffrey, 40

15. I became bored.

"I have fallen out of love for various reasons. Admittedly, it might have been because the girl bored me after a certain point or maybe we had different priorities in life. Honestly, more often than not, it is because I cannot trust someone with myself. Maybe I self-destruct." —Paul, 25