10 Verbal Things Men Are Dying For You To Do More Of In Bed

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The other night, I was drinking with a former sex partner of mine. We're both single once more, and I was mulling over the idea of being with him. I told him that I missed a certain skill he had in bed. He then told me the reason why he misses sex with me so much: it was how I spoke before, during, and after the act.

After probing a little bit, I found out what guys really want girls to be saying in bed. Here's what's up.

1. Tease them before the act.


A little bit of sexting apparently goes a very, very long way. Even something as simple as telling them that we're thinking about them can make them go gaga.

2. Tell them what makes them so hot.

Most men are legitimately starved when it comes to compliments. Go ahead, tell them that their ass looks amazing. Tell them that you love feeling their hands run over the curves of your body. They love that stuff.

3. Tell them about the fantasies you have.


Yes, the kinky ones. They want to hear about your inner freak, and about the crazy things you've never done but are willing to do with them.

4. If you want to really make him feel special, ask him about his fantasies.

Most women NEVER answer this question, and if you think about it, that's really sad. Guys do deserve to feel like their interests in bed matter, so go ahead and ask him. You might find out that he has a lot of interests that line up with yours.

5. Before you get into the bedroom, tell him what you're wearing underneath.


Whether it's lingerie or nothing at all doesn't matter. What does matter is that this is universal language for, “I'm ready.”

6. When you're doing dirty things, moan.

From what my former flame told me, it's scary how unusual it is to hear a girl sound like she's seriously enjoying herself. Make a little noise when he does something you like. It's a good way to make him feel appreciated in bed.

7. Gently tell him what you want.


If you want him to pay some attention to your nipples, tell him. As my guy friend put it, “Men aren't mind-readers. We need girls to tell us what they want.”

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8. Make him feel like a god and say his name.

The sweetest sound a man will ever hear is his own name being moaned by a girl he likes. It's the ultimate way to say how you feel about him.

9. Beg for it.


It's surprising how many men really get off on a girl asking to perform oral sex on him or asking him to sleep with her. For some guys, hearing a girl beg (but not desperately) is their personal kryptonite.

10. After it all, tell him it was awesome.

Guys have fragile egos. Pet their egos, and they'll love you forever.