5 Ways To Kiss A Guy That Will Turn Him On MORE Than Sex

how to kiss a guy hotter than sex

Pucker up.

Kissing is central to my sex life. 

A lot of people let kissing go by the wayside when they get older, or when they've been in a relationship for a long amount of time. 

I think a lack of good kissing techniques can be (for some couples) the death knell of the sexual relationship. 

A kiss is how you communicate love, like, passion, and desire. It's not just step one in a series of instructions you've got to follow to get laid. 

If you want to turn a man on better than any of the hottest sex positions out there, it all starts with how you kiss a guy. Here are just a few ways to kiss a man and turn him on like WHOA! 


1. Kiss him innocently 

Just because it's your plan to get him so turned on that he can't see straight, that doesn't mean you need to jump to the kill with a hard, passionate, tongue-laden kiss right from go. In fact, you should start innocently.

Keep your lips closed and kiss his. I'm not talking a dry peck, but something curious and shy. Pretend you're kissing him for the first time all over again. What follows will be deeply sexy. Trust me. 

2. Kiss him and use your hands 

Using your hands explore the sides of his face, his head, the back of his neck while you are kissing him. Communicating just how into him you are using just the tips of your fingers and your tongue will make him feel worshipped and adored.

Hot, hot, hot. 

3. Kiss him everywhere but his lips 

Take your time kissing him everywhere but his lips. There are health benefits to kissing like lowering his blood pressure, so you're doing him a service! Move from his face to his neck and his chest (beware of ticklish spots, we want him savoring the feeling of your mouth, not feeling totally giggly and uncomfortable).

Make out with his entire body. This is sure to turn him on to the point where he's begging you to touch his lips with yours. Swoon city. 

4. Kiss him gently, then nip his lips 

First kiss his top lip gently, then his bottom lip, and then get a little bold and take a nip of his bottom lip. This combination of sweet, eager, and just a little bit naughty will get his motor running like nothing else.

If you're looking to turn him on, mission accomplished. 


5. Kiss him only just barely 

Put your lips close enough to feel his lips but not any closer. Part your lips and keeping your mouth soft let him feel you breath into your mouth. Keep this up and his breath will begin to match your own. It will only get more hot from there.