8 Things To Know Before Loving A Woman Capable Of Being On Her Own

She's with you because she wants to be.

She's with you because she wants to be. istock

There's nothing more powerful than a woman who can stand on her own two feet without the help of a man to keep her afloat. While she is strong, independent and perfectly OK by herself, there's a lot more to her than just coming across as “that girl who doesn't need a man.”

If you can love her in the right ways, your experience will be unlike anything you've known. Here's what it means to love a woman who's capable of being on her own.


1. She values you as a partner, not a leg to stand on.


You'll never have to worry that she's with you for the wrong reasons because before you, she was perfectly content and able on her own. She's not after your money or what you can provide her because she's already provided all of those things for herself. Nothing is more valuable than a woman who sees the worth in your character and not because of the figures on your bank statement.


2. She'll do things alone because that's what she's used to.

While she loves spending time with you, she's perfectly OK without you, too. If you're running late from work to some type of event or if you're unavailable to push the shopping cart around Costco on a Saturday, she doesn't hesitate to go on without you. She's used to doing things by herself so she isn't dependent on you being there for every little thing.

3. She gets sh*t handled.



The woman who's capable of being on her own became that way because she's lived the reality of it, so when she falls in love and gets into a relationship, she does it from a place of strength and that never changes. She goes after the things that she wants in life and does whatever she can to make sure she stays on top of her game.

So if you're the guy standing next to her in life, she's going to make sure the two of you together are always succeeding and growing together in the best possible ways.

4. She's financially responsible.

She pays her bills on time and she knows what it means to prioritize her budget. This isn't the woman who will ask to borrow her half of the mortgage because she got suckered into buying a $250 face cream she didn't really need, because she's smart and sensible. There's a reason she survived on her own: she's a grown ass woman.


5. She won't take any bullsh*t from the man she's dating.


It won't matter how much she loves you, if you treat her like sh*t, she won't stick around. There's something dangerously sexy about loving a woman who doesn't need you to take care of her because it makes you step up to be a real man in her company. While she won't hesitate to walk away from mistreatment and be perfectly fine without you, if you treat her good and with kindness and respect, she'll give you the same back ten-fold.


6. Her nature won't be to ask you for help with everything.

If she can accomplish it herself, she will. To her, there's no sense in asking you to help with every little thing because she knows it's easier to get the sh*t done than bark orders at you.

7. She has a life outside of you.


Before you, there was just her and just because you're in the picture doesn't mean that her life goes away. She'll still want her girl time, her down time and her grind time to be without you at times because she knows it's completely healthy for the both of you to continue nurturing the relationships you have with yourselves.


When she comes back to you after enjoying her regular comforts, she feels even happier knowing that you support her choices and that you respect her need to retreat at times. It's just what she's used to and she loves that you accept her independent nature instead of acting controlling and jealous of her time away from you.

8. She's with you because she wants to be.

Being with her is a love that comes from a completely pure place. She's with you for no other reason other than she wants to be. She didn't need you for money. She didn't need to fill a void in her heart; you simply found each other, made a great connection and grew from there together.


Loving a woman who's capable or being on her own is possibly the best kind of love you can find. She's not some tortured princess who needed to be saved. She's not the damsel in distress who crumbles under pressure. She's with you because she didn't need to be rescued  she just wanted to be loved.