16 Of The Bravest, Most Empowering Katie Couric Quotes EVER

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Wise (and TOTALLY hard-core) words from one of the country's most influential women.

As a self-proclaimed feminist battling everything that is going on in the country this year, it's important for me to look up to someone who is a pro at dealing with being a woman in a man's world.

And who better to look to for the most empowering, encouraging (and sometimes brutally honest) advice than journalist and author, Katie Couric.

Not only was Katie able to hold her own (and THEN some) on the NBC's Today with co-host Matt Lauer, she's taken the world by storm with her riveting interviews with some of America's most influential people, hosted her own self-named talk show, and has proven to everyone that she is just as vital to journalism and news reporting as the men she has worked with.

For decades, Katie Couric has led the country in breaking news and delivering hard-hitting stories for her millions of viewers.

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She broke the mold by bringing national attention to previously unspoken issues — even having a colonoscopy on T.V. in memory of her late husband, bringing new light to colon cancer prevention. With experience reporting for networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC under her belt, she has quickly become one of the world's most valuable resources in hard-hitting journalism and news reporting.

And all throughout her years of success, one thing has always remained the same — Katie has always been a pioneer for women's rights, but more than that, she has always advocated for people to be themselves, unequivocally.

For anyone who has felt like they aren't worthy of love or acceptance, or for any woman who feels that her gender is a disadvantage for her success, Katie Couric has proven that anyone can break out of the mold that others have put them in.

She has stood by the belief that everyone is destined for greatness, and that success is not determined by skin color or gender

She has fought long and hard to be taken seriously in a profession that is still dominated by men.  But she hasn't given up and her strength is something that should not only be admired, but appreciated.

If you need motivation to get up and keep moving forward — even when it feels like success is impossible — or if you're just in need of someone to remind you how unique and valuable you really are, look no further than some of our favorite quotes by Katie Couric below.

Life isn't always going to be easy — and Katie has shown how true that can be — but we are grateful to her for reminding us that we are ALL bound for greatness.

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"I'm trying to handle everything that's happened to me with a certain amount of grace, dignity and good manners." — Katie Couric

"If I hear the word 'perky' again, I'll puke."​ — Katie Couric

"There’s nothing as motivating as love, fear and hope."​ — Katie Couric

"Have the courage to accept that you’re not perfect nothing is and no one is — and that’s OK.”​ — Katie Couric

"A boat is always safe in the harbor, but that's not what boats are built for.”​ — Katie Couric

"You can't please everyone, and you can't make everyone like you." — Katie Couric

"Self-confidence is the most important characteristic of successful people.” — Katie Couric

"Be secure enough in yourself to base success on personal growth." — Katie Couric

"I love the smell of estrogen in the morning."​ — Katie Couric

"All those people you pass as you climb the ladder of success could be the same ones who will catch you if you fall."​ — Katie Couric

"Changing the world doesn't happen all at once. It's an evolution, the sum of a billion tiny sparks, and some of those sparks come from you." — Katie Couric

"Sexism is so five minutes ago. I think for the most part, people accept that women are as competent as men."​ — Katie Couric

"I've always tried to stay true to my authentic self." — Katie Couric

"Be bold, be humble, be brave, be resilient, be productive, be good, good to yourselves and good to each other; Be careful, be caring."​ — Katie Couric

"Be fearless. Have the courage to take risks. Go where there are no guarantees. Get out of your comfort zone even if it means being uncomfortable." — Katie Couric

"The road less traveled is sometimes fraught with barricades bumps and uncharted terrain. But it is on that road where your character is truly tested."​ — Katie Couric