How Likely You Are To Be A Serial Killer, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which sign has a lust for murder?

How Likely You Are To Be A Serial Killer, Based On Your Sign weheartit

Although there's a lot of argument as to whether or not astrology can accurately predict the future, there's no denying that it has a huge sway over the population. Regardless, astrology appeals because of its mysticism and the chance to know likely outcomes about your future or even your own nature.

And everyone knows the idea of mysticism spikes right around the spookiest holiday of the year: Halloween.


It's exciting to discover that someone can reveal troubled areas in your own psyche that you weren't aware of, or even reinforce positive points to help bring you confidence about your decisions. The stars are always there, looking over us, especially during a time when ancient peoples believed the veil between life and death was at its thinnest.

Can your zodiac sign guide you? Can it help you determine important things in your life? Maybe you have a big decision to make, or you're wondering if he's cheating on you. Perhaps you should be more interested in whether or not you're more likely to be a serial killer.


Because there's no denying that some star signs have all the glory when it comes to being dark and gory.

A recently-compiled list shows which signs serial killers tend to flock to, and which ones they don't populate as much. Of course, you can't do anything to change your birthdate or the sign you're born under, but you can always figure out what kind of diabolical creatures you share that same zodiac sign with!

History has shown that the general public is fascinated with the bizarre, the macabre, the scary, and the mystifying, and there are few things more terrifying and overwhelming than serial killers. Though this isn't the first time that signs have been linked to a possible connection with serial slaying, it does bring up an interesting question: Can you predict a killer by the time of year they're born, and does that make people born in that same sign more dangerous?

According to the birth order of these infamous (and completely disturbed) killers, here are the most famous killers in order of their zodiac signs:


Aries (March 21 - April 19)

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Those born under the sign of the ram, beware! You share this sign with at least 7 significant serial killers, including Donald Harvey, who was responsible for anywhere between 37 to 57 victims, though he claims the number is closer to 87.

That's a pretty intense number of victims, but don't worry; you're not that crazy, Aries. Maybe it's just your go-getter attitude? You may be the first in the zodiac, but you don't have the most serial killers in this list! Maybe one of the higher ones, though...

Notable Aries Serial Killers:

Wayne "The Vampire Rapist" Boden: 3 victims

Joseph "The Racist Killer" Franklin: 7-22 victims

Keith "The Happy Face Killer" Jespersen: 8 victims

Paul "The Casanova Killer" Knowles: 18-35+ victims

Herbert Mullin: 13 victims

Charles "The Serpent" Sobhraj: 12+ victims

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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Alright, fellow Taurus, we've got about 5 major serial killers in your sign, but while that number is small, the number of their victims is not. Among the bull's members we have H.H. "The Torture Doctor" Holmes, who was not only America's first serial killer, but whose victim count could be anywhere from 9 to 200 people! He was apparently very good at hiding bodies, but then again, he was also the first serial killer, so no one knew what to look for.

We also have a couple of female psychos on our list, so while you may be stubborn bulls, we certainly have some interesting additions to the serial killer world.

Notable Taurus Serial Killers:

Martha "The Lonely Hearts Killer" Beck: 3-17 victims

Albert "The Moon Maniac" Fish: 3-9+ victims

Amy Archer-Gilligan: 10-50 victims

Earle "The Gorilla Killer" Nelson: 22+ victims

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Gemini, the twins, are one of our bigger numbers on this list, with 12 killers. What's interesting about Gemini's killers is the number of "disturbed" personalities, several of which led "double lives." Gemini killers include the Son of Sam: David Berkowitz, the Hillside Strangler: Kenneth Bianchi, and even the Milwaukee Cannibal himself: Jeffrey Dahmer. The combined victim count among Gemini is staggering.

Notable Gemini Serial Killers:

Richard "The Vampire of Sacramento" Chase: 7 victims

John "The Michigan Co-Ed Killer" Collins: 1-7+ victims

Peter "The Vampire of Dusseldorf" Kürten: 9+ victims

Leonard Lake: 11-25 victims

Danny "The Gainesville Ripper" Rolling: 8 victims

Arthur "The Genesee River Killer" Shawcross: 14 victims

Peter "The Yorkshire Ripper" Sutcliffe: 9+ victims

Wayne "The Atlanta Child Killer" Williams: 23-29 victims

Robert Lee Yates: 16 victims

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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These crabs may appear harmless unless you mess with them, but with at least 4 iconic killers on the list, including Genene Jones, who had anywhere from 2 to 60 victims, they're nothing to mess about with. Cancers might love fiercely, but they can also be notoriously moody, which is an apparently potent combination if you consider that one of their numbers is known as "History's Most Sadistic Serial Killer."

Notable Cancer Serial Killers:

John Reginald "The Monster of Rillington Place" Christie: 8 victims

Gary Heidnik: 2+ victims

Carl Panzram: 5-22+ victims

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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Our gentle lion friends may just be too busy sunbathing to perform many feats of murderous intrigue. There are about 3 major killers amongst the Leos, one of whom, Anthony "The Cleveland Strangler" Sowell, is responsible for the death of at least 11 people.

Notable Leo Serial Killers:

Myra "The Moors Murderer" Hindley: 5 victims

John "The Acid Bath Killer" Haigh: 6-9 victims

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

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Virgo is no virgin to homicidal maniacs! There are at least 10 well known serial killers who were born under this sign. Henry Lee Lucas, a famous Virgo, is responsible for over 157 deaths. That's quite intense for such a pure symbol. Virgo can boast some of the darkest killers; even their media-given names are horrific.

Notable Virgo Serial Killers:

Rodney "The Dating Game Killer" Alcala: 8-130 victims

Richard "The Angel of Death" Angelo: 10-25 victims

Paul "The Schoolgirl Killer/Scarborough Rapist" Bernardo: 3-4 victims

Richard "The Thrill Killer" Biegenwald: 6-9+ victims

Albert "The Boston Strangler" DeSalvo: 13 victims

Ed "Psycho" Gein: 2+ victims

Harrison Graham: 7 victims

Gerald Stano: 22-41+ victims

Marybeth "The Bad Mom" Tinning: 1-9 victims

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

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With members of your sign like Vladimir Putin and Kim KardashianLibra, I'm a bit shocked you don't have more serial killers on this list. There are at least 4 major killers born under the sign of the scales. One of your scarier ones is Patrick "The Freeway Killer" Kearney, who piled up a shocking 21 to 43 victims. You may be the representation of justice, Libra, but the jury's out on innocence!

Notable Libra Serial Killers:

Angelo "The Hillside Strangler" Buono Jr.: 12 victims

Gerald "The Love Slave Killer" Gallego: 10 victims

Bobby Joe "The Classified Ad Rapist" Long: 10+ victims

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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We all know how dangerous a single scorpion's sting can be, and Scorpio, you are no exception. While there are only 7 major serial killers in your birth sign, they've collectively accumulated a massive number of victims. Some of your most recognizable figures are Charles Manson with 7 victims and Carl Eugene "The Sunday Morning Slasher" Watts with anywhere from 22 to 100.

Not only that, but Scorpio also boasts a pair of killers who worked together. That's a first for this list!

Notable Scorpio Serial Killers:

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown (partner of Alton Coleman): 8 victims

Nannie "The Giggling Granny" Doss: 11 victims

Belle "Hell's Belle" Gunness: 40+ victims

William "The Lipstick Killer" Heirens: 3 victims

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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Sagittarius make great conversationalists, but they also have a problem with empathy sometimes. But I suppose for a sign represented by a being half-man and half-beast, that can be understandable. It might also be why they've racked up 5 serial killers in their sign, including Ted Bundy, who killed anywhere from 30 to 36 victims or possibly even more, after escaping from lockup and jail several times.

Sagittarius are well-known for their thirst for knowledge, and some have speculated that the number for their known serial killers is so low, not because they're not out there, but because they're too smart to catch!

Notable Sagittarius Serial Killers:

Richard "The Torso Killer" Cottingham: 6+ victims

Carlton "The Stocking Strangler" Gary: 7 victims

Edmund "The Co-ed Butcher" Kemper: 10 victims

Dennis "The Monochrome Man" Nilsen: 12-15 victims

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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Those of you with the sign of the goat? Sheesh! You've got about 6 serial killers on this list, but your collective victim count is MUCH higher. Some of your famous murderers include Dean "The Candy Man" Corll, who killed more than 28 people. Goats may be strong, but some of them are also hardy killers trapped by some of Capricorn's own weakest points: being a bit cold and distrusting of people around them.

Notable Capricorn Serial Killers:

Joe "The Alligator Man" Ball: 2-20 victims

William "The Freeway Killer" Bonin: 21-36+ victims

Ian "The Moors Murderer" Brady (Partner of Myra Hindley): 5 victims

Vincent "The Brooklyn Strangler" Johnson: 5 victims

Charles Ng (Partner of Leonard Lake): 11-25 victims

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

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Calm water bearers, rejoice, because you also rank low in the list of murderous people! However, there are 4 serial killers within your house along the likes of Robert "The Butcher Baker" Hansen, whose victim count was anywhere from 17 to 21 or more, and whose sick game included hunting his prey through the woods after kidnapping them. Yikes!

Aquarius can feel good in knowing that they are close to the bottom of this list, even if they have some scary people to contribute to it!

Notable Aquarius Serial Killers:

Jerry "The Lust Killer" Brudos: 4 victims

Derrick Todd "The Baton Rouge Serial Killer" Lee: 7+ victims

Joel Rifkin: 9-17+ victims

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

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Pisces, our fish friends, are among the upper part of this list with 12 serial killers. They have among their watery group John Wayne Gacy, also known as "The Clown Killer," who was responsible for at least 33 to 34 deaths, and Gary "The Green River Killer" Ridgway, whose murderous path led him to kill 49 to 90 victims, or perhaps even more.

As this is a mutable water sign, we know that Pisceans can be very go-with-the-flow, or very intense when angered. This Neptunian-ruled sign boasts some of the highest victim counts, as well.

Notable Pisces Serial Killers:

Donald "The Meanest Man in America" Gaskins: 9+ victims

Randy Steven "The Scorecard Killer" Kraft: 16-67+ victims

Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez: 14 victims

Ottis Toole: 6+ victims

Dennis "The BTK Killer" Rader: 10 victims

Dorothea "The Death House Landlady" Puente: 3-9 victims

Douglas "The Sunset Strip Killer" Clark: 7 victims

Raymond "The Lonely Hearts Killer" Fernandez: 3-17 victims

Christopher "The Beauty Queen Killer" Wilder: 8-9+ victims

Aileen Wuornos: 7 victims

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