Caffeinated Coffee Gummies — The New Way To Wake Yourself Up

Photo: Nootrobox

Put that over-priced coffee down ASAP!

Coffee can be hard: Making it, cleaning the pot from the last time you made it, the grounds, the water splashing everywhere no matter how careful you are. It can be messy, not to mention trying to sip from your travel mug in the car and ending up with a stain that you’ll have to spend all day explaining at the office.  

Coffee is amazing. It’s been around forever, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. In fact, as of 2013, about 83 percent of Americans were drinking coffee, and having about three cups a day.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult. And apparently, someone realized that. They knew that kids shouldn’t be the only ones allowed to eat gummies with all the love and abandon that those great squishy things are due.

Because gummies are awesome and the only thing better than a gummy is a caffeinated one.

Be still your heart? Not likely after biting into one of these chewy babies. Go Cubes are taking the Internet by caffeine-induced storm, and they’ve already found a home on Indiegogo, where they’ve successfully funded their java campaign.

Photo: Nootrobox

And if you’re snooty about your coffee and want to be snooty about your Go Cubes as well, then don't worry, they've got you covered, too! Go Cubes will come in three different flavors for the distinctive coffee drinker’s palate: Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte.

No matter what your job is, or how much running or driving around it requires, now you won’t have to worry about ruining your new skirt and giving yourself second-degree burns when you misjudged the distance from the cup to your mouth.

“Whether you’re an astronaut in outer space, a parent on the way to pick up the kids, or you need a quick boost on your way to class, nothing beats the no-spills convenience of GO CUBES,” said the creators.
Photo: Nootrobox

And we really can’t fault them that. Coffee has a multitude of health benefits, including increased cognition. Let’s not forget the defacto reason to reach for that cup of joe to begin with, which is to help you stay alert with delicious, sweet caffeine.

Unfortunately, that can mean reaching for sugar and creamer, which are two things your stuck-at-a-desk waistline and sluggish brain don’t need.


Go Cubes have worked to put only about 50 mg of caffeine in just one cube, which is about half a cup of coffee. They’ve also tried to reduce the stress and jittery feeling of caffeinated energy in order to make their cubes “combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea." It will last for about 4 to 6 hours, which will be perfect for that mid-afternoon slump at the office.  

Want to get your “stay sharp all day” caffeine without all the fuss? You can pre-order your Go Cubes here and get a head start on the best new way to consume your coffee.