7 Sex Positions To Try While You're Still Young And Flexible AF

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Sex Positions

Maybe you go to yoga or Pilates every other day and can bend your body in all sorts of inventive poses. That's not only great for you, but great for your sex life. The reality is that with few exceptions, we're more flexible now than we'll be in the future. We can do things now that we will look on with nostalgia in five or ten years from now, wishing we appreciated it more.

Why then, are we not starting to appreciate currently? Take advantage of that youth and flexibility for more than just mastering the plank pose. There are some amazing sex positions that will absolutely utilize your ridiculous flexibility while you still have it. Remember: use it before you lose it.

1. The Standing Cowgirl

"In the Standing Cowgirl position, the woman mounts her guy as he lays on his back. But rather than being on her knees, she plants her feet on the bed and basically does squats as she rides him. Much like riding a horse, she's going to flex her quads, hamstrings, lower abs and pelvic muscles, which takes considerable strength and flexibility," says Coleen Singer of

2. Counter Service

This one definitely takes some flexibility, and involves having sex on the kitchen counter or table.

"Rather than simply standing and bending over, and have him take you from behind, take it to the next level and hoist one of your feet up onto the counter," says Singer. Bonus: This one allows for very deep penetration.

3. The Pile Driver

This is the classic porn movie position that you may well have seen.

"It generally takes place on the living room sofa with you laying on your back on the floor with your legs raised. Your fellow grabs your ankles from above and 'pile drives' you with squats. Most guys can't do this for an extended period of time, so don't linger on it or he might get a charlie horse which is always a sexual buzz kill," advises Singer.

4. Forward Fold

For this position, your partner stands behind you as you bend forward in front of them, with your hands flat on the floor. This is very similar to doing a forward fold in yoga class.

"Spread your legs hips-distance apart, or wider if that allows for deeper, more pleasurable penetration. This sex position not only provides a beautiful visual for him, but also allows for easy access to your C-spot. So reach up and give yourself the extra stimulation you crave, with your hand or a vibrator!" says sexpert Dana Myers.

5. The Ballerina

Begin with both of you standing up, facing each other.

"She raises one leg up, keeping it straight, and rests her foot on his shoulder. Since you're supporting yourself on one foot, and hopefully not pulling muscles in your raised leg, he will be doing all of the thrusting in this position. You can also try this lying down with your leg raised to ease into it," says Antonia Hall, a psychologist, relationship expert, and sexpert, author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.

6. The Bridge

He makes a bridge with his body, and while he's in this back-bend, she straddles him.

"She shifts her weight from her toes to her heels as she lowers and raises herself on him. She has control over pacing and depth, and with her hands free, she can stimulate her clitoris for added pleasure. Just be careful and limit time in this position, as the blood will be running to his head," says Hall.

7. The Propeller

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Begin with the female lying on her back, legs outstretched.

"He reverse straddles her, reaching his hands toward her feet and legs toward her face. Entry is done carefully, so he doesn't bend things uncomfortably. Once inside he makes small slow circles, like a propeller, winding you both up for intense pleasure," says Hall.