Boozy Ring Pops Are The Treat Every Child Of The 90s Needs Right Now

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Learn How To Make Brunch Cocktail Ring Pops!

When you were a young, fresh-faced kid, you probably had a crush on that one boy who always brought a ring pop to school in his lunch box every day. Your dream was to be one of the lucky few he picked at recess to propose to and, for a moment, you were a queen.

No? OK, so not everyone had that kind of childhood. But you must admit that ring pops were one of the best highlights of every childhood. Even now as an adult, no one can shame you for enjoying these giant sparkly stones of sugary goodness. 

And now, you can take your love for ring pops a step further by enjoying it the ADULT way. The breakfast, brunch, and culture site Extra Crispy shared the secret for mixing brunch cocktail ring pops.

"Think of the iconic Topps Ring Pop — the oversized candy or gummy 'jewel' on a flexible plastic ring — and you’ve got the right idea, only way cooler," says the site.

The site's chef and food stylist, Jiselle Basile, transformed five brunch cocktails into colorful and wearable alcoholic rings. The recipes require this Ring Pop mold and a little bit of science. Check these out.

Bloody Mary


Gummy Bear Vodka

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For spirits like vodka, bourbon, and gin, putting them in the freezer doesn't really freeze them per se. It only makes them thicker due to their alcohol by volume (basically, how much ethanol the drinks contain), which is 40 to 50 percent.

So, in order to mold these drinks, you need to dilute it "with five parts of non-alcoholic ingredients for each one part of spirit for it to freeze non-slushily." For example, for one ounce of vodka, you need five ounces of a Bloody Mary mix. Or you can do what Basile did and soak gummies or fruit in vodka, and suspend them in easily freezable drinks (like lemonade or orange juice).

Beer and wine, meanwhile, are much easier to freeze, according to Extra Crispy.

"For a tart pop, mix one bottle of beer with two tablespoons of sugar or agave, and a tablespoon of citrus juice," says the site. "On the creamier side, mix a bottle of stout with a quarter cup of half-and-half (or heavy cream because YOLO) and two tablespoons of sugar. Ring me. Beer me."

What are you waiting for? Get to mixing and molding!

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