14 Flirty, Sexy Quotes That Are SURE To Grab His Attention

Sex Flirty Quotes For The Bedroom
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Sex should ALWAYS be fun!

Whether you are having sex with someone you just met or with someone you've known your whole life, it is an experience that never gets old (we hope!).

If you still get butterflies when you kiss your significant other after years of being together or feel so comfortable with a guy you just met, that means something!

But sex and relationships don't ALWAYS have to be serious. In fact, it's better to have a sense of humor in the bedroom, especially if you find yourself falling off the bed or hitting your head on the wall (it has happened to me and I bet it's happened to you, too). But do you let that stop you from having fun? Of course not!

If you can make sex and flirting a fun, lighthearted experience, then you have graduated beyond the hundreds of advice columns that tell us all how to make our relationships last.


Many of us will agree that sex is a big part of a relationship and that it is a way to get to know the other person intimately, even if it is only for one night.

Sure, there will be times when you will want to pull out all the stops and show your husband or one night stand what you are made of. Whether that means rose petals and candles or handcuffs and a safe word, this is your time to show them what a great night with you entails. But what about all the other times you hook up?

Sex won't always be so intense, but it CAN always be fun and even a little silly.


Being able to be your nerdy and cheesy self, even during sex, makes the experience SO much more enjoyable. 

So, we put together a list of our favorite sexy, flirty — and yes, even cheesy — quotes about sex to show you that it doesn't matter who it's with, or that you did something totally embarrassing ... sex is best when it's a fun experience for the two (or more!) of you.

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Best. Work Out. Ever.
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Cute and cheesy.
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I don't do that for just anyone, either.
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We can both agree it's pretty nice.
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I must really love you, then.
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Sorry, not sorry.
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Well, I tried!
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I'm always thinking about you!
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And the best part of my day.
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Who doesn't love nerdy pick-up lines?
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We're butter together.
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Right next to mine.
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SO cheesy.
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The perfect pick-up line for Halloween!
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