If You Don't Laugh During Sex Then You're With The Wrong Person

Photo: WeHeartIt

When I was a virgin, I have a very idyllic vision of what I thought sex was like. 

I pictured myself in a beautiful king-sized bed with freshly washed sheets and arms wrapped around a gorgeously built man with a face similar to that of a young Harrison Ford (though old Harrison Ford can definitely still get it). I'd be wearing some delicate lacy undies, my boobs were somehow bigger and we'd hump around in slow motion to the "Twilight" soundtrack. Judge me. 

While throughout the years the setting and the man in my daydreams often changed, the feeling I pictured never did. Not being a huge fan of chaos, I always thought sex with the right person would feel calm. 

Now I hadn't yet been exposed to much of the crazy, passionate, holy hot kind of sex, so my dream scenario was less throw-me-up-against-a-wall and more lay-me-down-gently-on-a-bed-of-rose-petals. 


Now that I'm deflowered and have slightly more experience (please don't hold me to that), I can say my teenage brain was sort of right. 

For me, good sex means I'm completely comfortable and have no problem saying what's on my mind — even if it means telling you your penis kinda smells like nachos.

Though I've never had much an internal debate about the subject of silly sex, it's come to my attention that no everyone feels this way. Sex is often portrayed in movies and TV shows as two people intensely looking each other in the eyes while somehow magically just knowing where to put everything. 

Sorry, but if someone stares into my eyes long enough, I'll probably laugh. 


Laughing during sex is just one of the weird ways I feel closer to someone. Maybe being silly isn't your thing, and that's okay. But you're not feeling comfortable — in whatever way you need to be comfortable — then it might be time to reevaluate. 

Because there's plenty of people in this world to do the dirty with, and you deserve someone who isn't going to make you feel bad for being you. 

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