5 Reasons To Never Go Out With Him On A Friday Or Saturday

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5 Reasons To NEVER Go Out With Him On A Friday Or Saturday

That person you have been talking to wants to go out on Friday or Saturday. It’s not serious yet, and you have been hoping to get together. But when thinking of date night ideas, don’t do it!

Good dating advice says going on dates and putting yourself out there is important, but having an effective way of dating that will lead you to what you really want in a relationship is even more important. If you gladly agree to a Friday or Saturday night date with someone you barely know, what are you communicating about yourself to that other person or even to yourself?

You are a valuable person with things going on in your life or, at least, you should be. When you give up the two most special nights of the week for someone you aren’t deeply connected with, you devalue yourself and your time.

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A relationship can’t come together too slowly. There is no reason to rush things. When the two of you are together in a relationship, how much more is it going to mean to the both of you when Fridays and Saturdays can be special nights filled with romantic dates?

The following are the five reasons that you should never casually date on a Friday or Saturday night:

1. Friday and Saturdays are special nights with a lot going on.

Friday and Saturday nights are the nights that most people have off from work, and the evenings that most people are looking to get away from the ordinary that was contained within the week. There are more concerts, events, and options available to you on these prime nights.

These nights are special nights meant for special people. There are so many options for the fun you could have or the adventures you can take. These experiences are that much better with people who really matter to you.

2. As a desirable person, you have something going on.

People should be lining up to hang out with you on Friday and Saturday nights. Whether it is your friends or potential suitors, if you have the personality and the energy they want to be around, then they will be courting your attention. If they are not, then you can always be a better version of you.

Communicate to others that you are valuable and your time is worthwhile, even if you have nothing better to do. Spend the evening with your best friends or have an introspective "me" night where you get more in touch with you. Make yourself even more desirable.  

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3. Since you are so valuable, these nights are earned.

One of the biggest keys to a relationship is to focus on the things that bring you the most value and to increase your attention on those things. Oftentimes, people project what this other person might be and what spending time with them might mean for them.

Instead, find the value in yourself and allow this new person to slowly show you what they can bring to you and your life. Because you already are an awesome person with an awesome life, they should be really excited about spending anytime with you. Only then will they value your time.

4. Romantic interests will wonder about you and invest in you.

When you're first dating, set your availability to weekday nights. Your suitor will gladly accept these date night ideas as long as you are worth spending the time with. Soon, they will wonder why you don’t ever go out with them on the weekends.

When this happens, that other person is ready to get serious with you. They will want to be even more a part of your life, and will work towards earning your time and attention only if you didn’t give it away for free. People value the things they have to work for.

Someone who just can’t do a weekday date are usually people who live for the weekend and can’t organize their lives. Next!

5. Going in slowly will make the relationship much more valuable.

Dates are that more romantic and special when you have been seeing each other for several weeks and when you allow them to get serious slowly. Instead of someone taking you out to a fancy restaurant on a Saturday night without even knowing you, it will mean that much more for that special person to take you out and treat you because you actually matter to them.

I When you go slowly into a relationship, it makes it that much better. While you don’t have to hold yourself back in dating, you can certainly take your time to have the connection be that much more valuable and special.

People don’t value things they are just given. This means that if you just give up your Fridays and Saturday nights to people you barely know, they aren’t going to value your time and connection as much as if you made those nights special.

Take your time, make yourself desirable, and make your time valuable. If you are worth it, they will be glad to make the nights special with you.

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Shawn Schweier is a trainer in NLP and helps other people get past their inner obstacles to create the lives they’ve always imagined. He supports people with relationships and focuses on the mindsets that will lead them to connect well with others.

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