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Stop Accepting His BS Excuses — If He Wanted To See You He WOULD

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Too many awesome women make way too many excuses for shitty men. 

I know I’m borderline man-hating here, but the amount of women I know that are currently being emotionally taken advantage of by men is a tad overwhelming. And it’s totally our fault. 

You see, sometimes when we want something — like, really, really want something — we put up blinders and ignore every sign and scream that it’s not right. We manipulate and morph our own sense of dating reality to make us believe the guy we’re into is also totally into us. 

I have friends who wait around all night for a guy who’s been known to flake.

I have friends who cancel plans to pick up a guy they're talking to from a strip club. I have friends who tell me they're in a relationship with a guy they legit have hung out with four times in the last two months. 


While yes we're allowed to be annoyed with men for “leading us on,” we have to realize that we're not total victims. We're smart enough to know when we're being played — sometimes we just don't want to believe it. 

Now I could go through all the specific examples of what being led on looks like, but it all pretty much boils down to one simple instinct:

If you don’t feel special or important to him, it’s because you’re not. 

You’re not someone he goes out of his way to see or stays up late talking to. You’re the booty call. You’re the cab driver. And you deserve to be so much more. 


Waiting around for a guy isn’t going to get you the guy. It’s just going to waste your time and get you hurt. And the more you play into their excuses of being “too busy,” or “too tired,” to hang out with you, the more power you’re giving them over your life. 

A guy who really likes you won’t make you wait around. You won’t be an after thought or a person to call for favors. 

Now I know it’s not like you’re chasing after a guy who doesn’t give you any attention at all. I’m sure he tells you he likes you or says he really wants to see you or blah blah blah. But words are just that, words.

Unless there’s some action to back it up, everything he says is basically meaningless. 


The more time you spend chasing guys who will only use you, the less time you have to be open to someone who actually deserves you. You don’t need to be talking to a guy to feel validated or happy. 

So take a lesson from the guy who says he’s too busy to see you and be too busy.

Be so busy with work, your friends and all that other cool shit you do that you have no time for anyone who isn’t worth it.