Will There Be Penis In The New '50 Shades'? Jamie Dornan Dishes!

Dornan dick? Yes please.

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Okay 50 Shades of Grey fans, I've got some potentially delectable penis news to share with you. 

Let us all pause first to acknowledge my literary prowess vis-a-vis the phrase "potentially delicious penis news", shall we?

Good. Done. Moving on. 

At this point, every fan of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise knows that if you watched the first movie hoping for a peek at actor Jamie Dornan's penis, you were in for some major league type disapointment.


The movie is hot, hot, and hotter, though admittedly it is nowhere near as graphic as the 50 Shades of Grey novel by E.L. James that inspired the film. 

A big part of the puzzle that was missing in the first of the three movies to be released in the series was Christian Grey's missing member. 


That's right, fans felt betrayed that a man as hot as Jamie Dornan would be cast as the dreamy dom Christian Grey and not let even a hint of his penis made its silver screen debut. 

During the buzz leading up to the first film, Dornan was emphatic that he would NOT be showing his penis. 

But as the February 17th 2017 release date for the movie's sequel, 50 Shades Darker, inches ever closer, Dornan is singing a different tune.


He admits that he strips down during the film, and when asked if he shows his penis he coyly replied that audiences would have to "wait and see". 

Given his past statement regarding his penis in all its prowess, the normally terse Dornan's tease can mean only one thing: WE ARE GOING TO SEE HIS PENIS IN ALL OF ITS SPLENDOR. 



In the 50 Shades books, the characters of Ana and Christian are vividly rendered, both in their clothes and out of them. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are the perfect pair to explore these characters fully, as they demonstrated ably in the first film. 

I'm clamoring to see Dornan go full frontal, not JUST because I'm a pervert (and I am) but because in fully revealing himself, we get that added level of Christian's hidden vulnerability that is so central to the story's theme. 

In other 50 Shades of Grey news, Dornan shared that the third film in the franchise will be his final one. E.L. James famously wrote a fourth installment of the series, but it was received with mixed results from fans and critics alike.  


I don't think anyone can fault the guy for doing the first three and then peacing out hardcore. 

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