The Science Behind Why Women Swoon Over 50 Shades Of Grey [VIDEO]

Because there's nothing wrong with getting a little kinky (wink, wink).

ana and christian grey from 50 Shades of Grey

We don't know about you but there's definitely something about 50 Shades of Grey that makes us all hot and bothered. Whether it's due to the fact that the book series proves that women can enjoy sex just as much as men do (despite popular belief), it's honestly refreshing to see that there's nothing wrong with liking erotica and wanting to explore the kinkier side of sex.


We have no shame in admitting that we definitely like the sound of that!

There's no question that being physicially intimate with your partner is just as important as connecting on an emotional level. Where's the harm in wanting to turn your time in the bedroom into a romantic fantasy? Whether you like it or not, the sexy series definitely has some hot sex tips on how to please your partner in and out of the bedroom.

So why is it that more women are fans of the controversial series?

Here's the thing. Even though a lot of couples benefit from reading or watching 50 Shades of Grey, women have mainly been flocking to the theatre and the bookstores. Seriously, The Hollywood Reporter even guessed that the film would totally dominate the box office this weekend with a staggering seventy five to eighty five million dollars in ticket sales (including the projected twenty six million from opening day ALONE).


And according to author John Gray, there's actually a scientific reason behind why it's such a turn on for the ladies!

When was the last time you let someone else take control?

Ladies, we're definitely not talking about when it comes to deciding who's in charge of household duties (wink). Listening to John Gray talk about the different ways that dominance and BDSM can affect the chemicals in a woman's brain put a lot of things in perspective.

Can you honestly remember the last time that you handed over the reigns and just let your man take charge?