Filming Wraps On The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie! See The Pics

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Entertainment Weekly as Christian Grey and Ana Steele from '50 Shades Of Grey'

Happy Fifty Shades Of Grey Friday!

The steamy series got a big book boost this week: Sales of the trilogy topped the 100 million mark! That means Fifty Shades is in pretty good company: Other book series' to hit that milestone include Harry Potter, Sweet Valley High and James Bond ... and Twilight, off which Fifty Shades Of Grey was based: E.L. James started the story as fan fiction from the vampire love story.

With the exception of Sweet Valley High, all those series evolved into megahit movie franchises. This bodes pretty well for the Fifty Shades flick!

The books had a pretty uniquely meteoric rise. After Fifty Shades was first published in March 2012, sales soared to 10 million within the first six weeks. That's insane! By the end of 2012, Fifty Shades sold between 65 and 70 million copies. The trilogy, which also includes sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, has sold 45 million copies in the United States, 27 million in the U.K. and its commonwealths and another 1 million in France, Spain, Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands. It's been translated into a whopping 51 languages, because apparently "Oh jeez!" isn't quite a universal language.

Meanwhile, filming wrapped on the Fifty Shades Of Grey movie set! E.L. James was spotted sipping some celebratory booze with director Sam Taylor-Johnson on Instagram, captioning the photo, "One of us is drinking... It's a wrap."

Fifty Shades film producer Dana Brunetti posted this photo leaving Vancouver — and Christian Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, was spotted leaving Vancouver for the U.K.:

Fellow producer Michal De Luca tweeted a photo of the wrap gifts from the set. Christian Grey's antics are hot, and his swag will keep the cast and crew warm:


Meanwhile, singer Rita Ora, who stars as Christian Grey's adopted sister, Mia Grey, told CapitalFM that the film is going to be huge. "The movie is amazing," Ora said. "It's such a great passionate movie. I had to be involved, I love the books. I know everybody's going to watch it, whether it's in secret or confidence, but everyone's going to watch it!"

We think she's right!

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