12 Signs Of A Man Who Really, Truly Wants To Commit To You

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12 Signs Of A Man Who Really, Truly Wants To Commit To You

Men will say anything to keep a girl they benefit from in their lives, even profess that they love them. With most guys, what they say and what they actually do are two different things. Instead of listening to their silver-tongued excuses, it's time to get real with guys.

However, some men just have a fear of commitment. There are various reasons as to why a person might have this fear, but it really depends on the person themselves. 

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When someone suspects that their partner may have this fear, it's natural to wonder how you can get him to commit. But, it's more about recognizing the signs of a man who wants to be with you and only you and who sees a future with you in it.

So, how do you know if your man really wants a commitment and a relationship? The truth is, that if a man really loves a girl, he'll do these things, even if he hates the idea of doing them with a passion.

1. He protects you.

Guys have a natural instinct to protect their loved ones from threats. If he can't even stand up for you when someone's insulting you to his face, he's not really in love with you.

2. He wants to commit.

I'm a true believer that a man who's wildly in love with a girl will want to commit to her, even if he's a playboy at heart. He will want to pursue you and start trying to lock you down.

3. He follows through with his promises.

A man who promises the world and delivers nothing is not a man who cares about you. Men who actually love the women they are with want them to trust them and think highly of them. 

And they also are very aware that broken promises lead to less respect and less trust. If he keeps reneging on his promises, it's time to leave for someone who won't break promises.

4. He's genuinely remorseful if he's hurt you and takes steps to show he's changed.

Even the biggest egomaniac will buckle and apologize when he realizes that he's hurt someone he really loves. As much as it may hurt his pride, a man's true remorse will move him to apologize and become a better person for his love.

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5. He won't hurt you.

A man who hits you, insults you, neglects you, and rejects you doesn't love you. A man who truly does love you will never do these things.

6. He prioritizes you.

If a guy is falling for a girl, she becomes his top priority. He'll be falling all over himself to make sure that you are happy with him and want to be with him.

7. He shows up to dates on time.

This goes back to the whole "prioritizing" thing. A guy who shows up late on a regular basis is someone who doesn't see you as a priority and doesn't respect your time.

When you're a priority, he will go out of his way to get to date locations on time. Heck, he might even show up early.

8. He replies to your texts promptly and with more than just a one-word sentence.

Guys who are in love really don't like the idea of silence from their girl. They want to chat with her regularly and they can't handle keeping her hanging. If he's taking hours or even days to reply, he's probably not into you.

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9. He tries to impress you.

When a guy is into you, he'll try to impress you with something. He might also do something idiotic or clam up when he gets too nervous around you.  But, forgive him for that; he's trying.

10. He opens up.

If a man won't open up, it's a sign that he doesn't trust you. You can't have love without trust.

11. He asks for your opinion and takes it into consideration.

If a man can't think about anyone's opinion but his own, it's a sign he's only loving himself.

12. He introduces you to everyone he knows and shows you off.

This is a huge indicator that he's proud to be seen with you and it's also a sign that he's serious about his love for you. If he's not doing that, you're probably the side chick.

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