12 Cheaters Reveal What They Look For In A 'Side Chick'

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Man being disloyal and looking at another woman

I don’t know why, but I tend to attract way more married men than I do single men. It’s not something I try to do; in fact, it’s something I really do try to avoid. After all, I want my own spouse, not someone else’s.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years about what makes men cheat is that I am not alone in this problem. Many other women are totally confused, upset, and hurt that they always end up getting it on by guys who want nothing more than a side chick.

Eventually, I got fed up with this trend. I had to ask around about what makes men cheat, so I decided to ask men what they look for in a side chick. Some were honest with me and were brave enough to answer me. Here's what they said.

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Here, 12 cheaters reveal what they look for in a 'side chick:'

1. I'll cheat with anyone who is open to my advances

“Honestly, the girl who I think would be most open to my advances is the one I go for. I already have a main piece, so my standards are a bit lower.” —Adam, 30

2. She seems promiscuous

“I go for the kind of girl I’ve always fantasized about having, but never did because of what society would say. So, like, the girl with tattoos and piercings, or the girl who seems very open to anything.” —Jared, 24

3. She gives off a certain vibe

“It’s just kind of a vibe. Some women just have that ‘side chick’ feeling to them, you know?” —Tom, 27

4. She's attractive in general

“It sounds so bad, but literally, any girl who seems to be remotely attracted. I don’t even tell her I’m married. I usually tell them I’m ‘separated’ or ‘in the process of divorce.’ I know it’s wrong but I just need something on the side.” —Chris, 28

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5. She's the kind of girl I don't usually go for

“For me, the side chick’s all about ‘what if?” So, I usually will be doing my best to find the kind of girls that I don’t think I would have had the courage to approach prior to being married.” —Julian, 31

6. She's a trophy mistress

“A side piece, at least to me, needs to be a status symbol of sorts. You know? Like, I want to have a pretty mistress on my arm if I’m going to cheat on my wife.” —George, 47

7. She's good in bed

“Any girl who I think will be great in bed.” —Ryan, 26

8. She doesn't want commitment

Hyper-independent women or women who really don’t want a relationship are the ones I go for. That way, they don’t ask questions.” —Mike, 32

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9. She already has a boyfriend

“I tend to go for girls who have a boyfriend, primarily because the guilt is shared and we both lose if someone outs us. The last girl I had as a side piece told my main girl, and that was just too much drama to deal with again.” —Igor, 29

10. She won't mess with my relationship

“You know how certain girls have ‘stars in their eyes’ when they see a guy they like? The ones that will do anything as long as they get to be with you and think that they have a chance to be around you? I look for that one because she’s way less likely to try to mess with my existing relationship, especially if I say I’ll dump her if the wife finds out.” —Ramses, 32

11. She's completely different from my wife

“Girls who aren’t like my wife.” —Keith, 32

12. I don't want to date her

"The girls I wanna be intimate with but wouldn't date." — Justinian, 24

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