10 (Woman-Approved!) Pick Up Lines That Actually WORK In Real Life

Make your move like a grown-ass adult.

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Pick up lines are almost always terrible. Think about it. When was the last time you actually heard a pick up line that had you thinking "Oh yes, that is a guaranteed panty-dropper".

You haven't, because they do not exist. 

At least, not in the traditional sense. It is possible to have a set of lines you present members of the opposite sex if you want to get them into bed, but almost none of them involve saying something like, "you with all those curves and me with no brakes." 


Most pick up lines fail because they forget something essential: That women are people.

But it is hard to know how to ask a woman out. We know that. It's hard know when to use a pick up line, or when to ask a woman for a date. 

The best way to formulate a pick up line that will be successful is to remember you're talking to another person, try to make them feel comfortable, flattered, and happy.

And just remember, no pick up line is going to work if she's clearly telling you (verbally or otherwise) that she's not interested in meeting new people. For example, if she's wearing headphones, she's probably not interested. That goes double if she's wearing headphones in a gym or while walking down the street. 


Bearing all that in mind, here are 10 pick up lines that actually work, because it's time you grew up (and had some success!):

1. "That's a great book! Have you read her others?" 

This pick up line works because you aren't just macking on a broad you think is hot. You've noticed that you have a shared interest and you're asking her a question about that interest. It's polite, engaging and not too forward. 

2. "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but do you mind if I take this seat?" 

She's reading at a Starbucks and you want to say hello. Ask if you can sit, her response should be a great way to find out whether or not she's there to meet people, or whether she's open to starting a conversation with a stranger. It's tough out there for girls, so there's nothing wrong with going slow in your approach. 



3. "I swear I'm not a creepy weirdo, I just wanted to tell you that your smile made my day. Have a good one!" 

If you have to tell a woman you don't know that you find her attractive, do it, that's fine, but address the fact that it's kind uncomfortable to tell someone that what they've got going on works for you. She'll appreciate the compliment and that you're attuned to her potential discomfort. 

4. "Are you listening to the Cure? Man, I was a ridiculous Goth in high school, it still makes me cringe."

The power behind this pick-up line is the massive double-header of talking about a shared interest AND making yourself seem vulnerable. She's welcome to share her own stories of teenage awkwardness, laugh at yours, or just smile. It's non-threatening but totally charming. 


5. "I saw you taking care of your friend earlier, that was really kind of you."

Any guy can come up to a woman and spout a pick up line, but a guy who actually notices what you do and not just what you're wearing is a guy a woman is more likely to want to get to know in the long term. 


6. "I don't want to sound cheesy, but you're radiant."


Every single pick up line is cheesy. That's just how it is. There's nothing wrong with telling a woman she's radiant, but if you want to cut past the bullshit and let her know you're about more than just games, at least acknowledge the cheese factor. 

7. "What's your sign? Yes, I just asked you that, but I seriously do know a sustainable amount about astrology." 

I love a pick up line like this because it's power is so totally unexpected. Lure her in with a funny pick up line and then demonstrate a niche skill or talent. You've proven yourself to be bold and interesting, a rare combination indeed. 

8. "Did it hurt?"

Yup, the old "did it hurt when you fell from heaven" bit. It's a classic for a reason. You can look like Channing Tatum and still get an eye roll when you try to strike up a conversation this way. Your best bet to make it work is to admit to the humor, be playful and sweet. Or just be Channing Tatum. 



9. "May I buy you a drink? You don't have to feel obligated to talk to me, but I'd love to make the gesture." 

Buying a woman a drink is a classic Don Draper-style kind of pick-up technique. It's hella classy. But it can also put a woman in the unenviable position of feeling like she is then obligated to spend time with you, even if you do wind up to be a massive jerk. So up the cool factor and let her know that if she wants to grab her Pina Colada and run, you're down with that. It screams of feminism, which is the sexiest thing ever


10. "We've been making eyes at each other all night, I figured it was time one of us made the first move." 

We've all had those nights at the bar where we lock eyes with someone and pray something will happen. A dude who actually makes the move past eye contact in reality is a guy worth swooning over, or at least, taking home for the  night.