And The Oscar Goes To ... These 14 Star-Studded Pickup Lines

You may not get the girl or guy, but you'll get a laugh!

oscar pickup lines

This year’s Oscar nominations are in and ready for dissecting. Whether you’re flirting or swooning over the best leading actors or are caught up in a brutal snub, find love with some of these Oscar-worthy lines.

  1. Are you a roller coaster? Because you just gave me Whiplash.
  2. I heard this party is dry, but the one tonight won’t be.
  3. Are you Mark Ruffalo? Because I know something that could use your support.
  4. Are you James Franco? Because you make me speechless.
  5. Are you an Oscar statuette, or do you need me to fill that empty hand?
  6. Are you Leo’s Oscar? Because I’ve spent my life waiting for you.
  7. The carpet is red. My heart is blue. I don’t have the trophy, but I’ll go home with you.
  8. Are you Jennifer Lawrence? Because I think you’re going to fall for me.
  9. What do you say we make our own award-worthy film tonight?
  10. I’m not a photographer, but I could picture us together.
  11. I wish you were the stage so I could be on you all night.
  12. Are you Reese Witherspoon? Because you’re driving me Wild.
  13. Are you Meryl Streep? Because I could see us going Into The Woods together.
  14. I’d love for you to teach me How to Train Your Dragon, too.

You may not be not be a celebrity, but you can definitely win one over with these pickup lines!