11 Cutest EVER Dad-And-Daughter Halloween Costumes

Photo: Reddit
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Two years ago, I got to spend a few days as a viral sensation, all thanks to my seven-year-old daughter’s choice of a Halloween costume.

Basically, my daughter decided that she wanted to be Han Solo for Halloween, but was nervous that it might be “weird” for a girl to dress up as a guy. When I told her that it absolutely wasn’t weird, she presented me with a challenge — “OK, if it’s totally normal, than YOU dress up as Princess Leia.

So I did.

She makes a MUCH more attractive Han than I do a Leia, but because it’s a cute picture (and because nothing is funnier than a fat guy in a dress), the picture went all around the internet, ending up on the front page of websites, in books, on TV shows — it was crazy.

More than anything, the experience made me realize how awesome it is when fathers and daughters bridge their age divide and dress up together for Halloween. And they don’t have to be funny gender-flips like our Han and Leia costume. The father-daughter costumes, more than anything, just need to show that dad and kid are having fun together, that they’re enjoying each other’s company.

Fathers and daughters don’t normally get to dress up together for Halloween. Kids do. Friends doCouples do. But not dads and daughters. Speaking as a dad, we can’t share clothes with them like Mommy and their sisters, and most of us can’t squeeze into a Disney Princess dress. (It can be done, but it’s not easy. I had to find a 4X large Princess Leia hoodie.)

That’s why Halloween offers such amazing opportunities for fathers and daughters. It’s the one day of the year when it’s easy, fun, and hilarious to throw reason to the wind and say, “Hey, why don’t I dress up as Winnie-the-Pooh and you dress up as Piglet? Or you can be Belle and I can be Gaston? Or you can be Miley and I can be Billy Ray?” (It takes all kinds.)

If you need some inspiration to come up with your ideal father-daughter cosplay, here are 11 of our favorite, aww-worthy dad and daughter Halloween costumes.

The Doctor and A Dalek
Photo: FashionablyGeeky.com
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This is super-cute, even if you’re not a hardcore Doctor Who nerd. (And if you are, it’s somehow INSANELY cuter!)

Who Are You Calling “Over-Protective”?
Photo: Reddit
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This doesn’t make a ton of thematic sense — why does the cowgirl have her own private security? But you have to love this dad’s self-conscious acknowledgement of “Yes, I am an over-protective dad. Want to do something about it?”

Doctor Octopus and Spider-Girl
Photo: Twitter
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Comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted this out in 2012 and it stole our hearts. He makes a great Doctor Octopus to his daughter’s valiant Spider-Girl. (And Adam Savage from Mythbusters helped him make it!)

“But, Honey, I Thought You Liked Princesses”
Photo: Reddit
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This one is too precious. Apparently, this guy’s daughter didn’t realize that Mom AND Dad were going to dress up with her this year.

This Guy’s Daughters Get It …
Photo: Reddit
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This is pretty much the opposite of the previous picture. This dad has so many Frozen-obsessed daughters that they were only too glad to let him join in on the fun.

Captain America and Thor
Photo: ThirstyDaddy.com
Halloween costumes

I don’t know what’s cuter — that pint-sized female Captain America or her dad rocking the hair-metal wig to pull off a convincing Thor?

(SOURCE: From Jeremy Barnes at ThirstyDaddy.com)

“Get Away From Her, You Witch!”
Photo: Reddit
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This baby girl might have the nerdiest dad ever, but, wow, what a costume! You have to respect this replica of Ripley’s power-loader from James Cameron’s Aliens — a fighting costume powered by Daddy and carrying a very, very confused baby Ripley.

It’s Like Freaky Friday… Sort Of
Photo: EveryDay Girl Dad
Halloween Costumes

This idea is so simple, but perfect. The dad dresses up like his daughter and his daughter dressed up like her dad. So cute.

(SOURCE: From Mike Reynolds at Everyday Girl Dad)

And It’s Fun For All Ages
Photo: Reddit
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But don’t forget — the dad-daughter swap costumes don’t stop being cute when the daughter grows up. As this photo proves, it can be a classic forever.

I Wouldn’t Try The Pies
Photo: Instagram
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This pairing is as impressive as it is disturbing. This dad and daughter decided to beautifully dress up as Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett from Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street to delight/creep out the rest of us.

I Really Hope She Hasn’t Seen The Movie Yet
Photo: Reddit
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And you were reveling in the almost-inappropriate cuteness of the last picture, here’s something along the same lines — a dad and daughter as Gogo and one of the Crazy 88s from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.