8 Lazy Costumes That Don't Require Taking Off Your Yoga Pants

easy halloween costumes for women

It's OK, keep those yoga (but really just everyday wear) pants ON!

I personally love to dress up for Halloween. In fact, I have at least four costumes at the ready at all times. Same goes for my girls. We basically become a costume rental company in October, making sure no one goes without a little Halloween spirit up on October 31st. (I dream of elaborate, themed family costumes, but sadly, my family rarely ever indulges my desires.)

Sure, costumes can be expensive and uncomfortable, but what if I told you how easy it was to make any number of costumes from stuff just lying around your house? The best part? You don't even have to take off your yoga pants! Here are 8 costume ideas for busy moms, lazy moms or any woman who doesn't want to have to take off her black yoga pants for Halloween:


With my toddler going as Batman and my husband dressing us as Robin, it seemed only appropriate I dress as a modest, comfortable and less latex-covered Catwoman. Meow.

Accessories: Black Mask, Kitty Ears, And Black Eyeliner For Nose And Whiskers

Crazy Cat Lady

I am an unabashed cat lady. Tape, glue or tie every cat toy in your house to your shirt, then roll around in some cat hair for extra authenticity.

Accessories: Toy Cats, Stuffed Cats, ALL THE CATS.

Really Crazy Cat Lady

This is just me on a regular Wednesday, no big deal. But on Halloween, I can go out in public like this and nobody will bat an eyelid. Because "LOL, nobody would actually wear their cat in a baby carrier!"

Little do they know....

Accessories: Baby Carrier, Willing Cat.

Basic Witch

Assuming you have a witch hat lying around your house (I mean, who doesn't?) throw that bad boy on with an all black outfit, carry your kitchen broom and cackle mercilessly at your family the entire night.


(You can also add a black cat! YAY CATS!)

Accessories: Witch Hat, Broom, Green Scarf, Boots

Basic Bitch

Perhaps you haven't heard of the basic bitch

, but I assure you she is a thing. Basic b*tches are usually the girls with insufferable Instagram feeds of "caught in the moment" style posts and way too many selfies. Sure, it's not a dead giveaway costume like a cat or witch, but it's very pop-culture and you most certainly can leave your yoga pants on. B*tches love yoga pants.

Accessories: Whatever The Popular Page On Pinterest Tells You To Wear

Marathon Runner

Just because I've never run more than 2 miles on the treadmill doesn't mean I can't pretend I completed a full 26. Aside from all that heavy proof of victory clanking around my neck, this is just about the comfiest Halloween costume there is.

Accessories: Running Shoes, Marathon Bib, Medals

Football Player

I'm not a Colts fan, but we were all given Colts jerseys upon moving to the state of Indiana. I'm pretty sure it's a law. Either way, with that black paint (I used gel eyeliner), nobody's going to question the fact that you are *totally* dressed up.

Accessories: Football, Jersey, Black Paint (Or Gel Eyeliner In My Case)

Motorcycle Chic Chick

Why own a moto-inspired jacket and mot- inspired boots if you can't use them to dress up as an actual motorcycle rider? Bonus: the helmet drowns out all the noise your kids make as they fight over who got more candy.

Accessories: Leather Jacket, Boots And Helmet