Sometimes What You Get Is Better Than What You Wanted

Photo: WeHeartIt

Life is funny that way.

I think we all have some idea of how we want our life to look like. Pros at picturing our future, we can get so attached to this idea of what we want that we don’t want to accept anything else. 

Personally, I’ve fallen victim to the “my way or the highway” attitude often enough that it’s earned me the title of spoiled brat. 

Now I could — and have — argued all day long that refusing anything that isn’t what I want (especially when it comes to relationships and breakups) is admirable and means that I don’t settle. Like, spending eight months with a clear shower curtain because I was waiting till I found one that “felt right.” 

Ugh, even I annoy me. 

So no, refusing to participate or accept something because it doesn’t match up perfectly with your vision isn’t a sign of being a boss lady.

It’s just another way we little humans try to pretend we have some control of things. 

Because the reality is that we don’t. At all. And it’s hella scary. 


While letting go of what you wanted might seem slightly counterproductive, it’s actually the quickest way to find happiness. 

When you stop holding on to expectations and how you thought things would happen, you open yourself up to experiencing life the way we were supposed to.

Accepting that everything is temporary, being open to change and appreciating what we have right now. 

It’s good to have goals and things you want to do — and you should absolutely try to do them all — but don’t think that everything has to turn out perfectly or at all relationships need to work out in order for it be worth it. 

You meet a guy you like? Great! Go out, get to know him, but don’t expect him to be the one or even your next boyfriend. Think you might want to quit your job and start a travel blog? Awesome! Do it, but don’t think it’s going to lead to millions of dollars. 

Life is so much better when we stop trying to make it something it isn’t.

It’s life. It’s weird, uncomfortable and sometimes scary.

No plan of action is every going to change that. 


If you want to be happy, you have to make the choice to be happy right now. To not worry about what’s going to happen five years, five days or even in the next five minutes. 

Know that wherever you are is where you’re supposed to be — and the rest will take care of itself.