Is Ashley Madison Asking You To ADMIT You're Cheating?!

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What’s the purpose of this hashtag?!

Hashtags can be used for many different purposes. They can be used to drive social movements, to punctuate sentences, to make a joke, to advertise a product. However, embattled cheaters site Ashley Madison recently launched a new hashtag as the centerpiece of their recent rebranding campaign, and it’s really hard to understand what exactly the purpose of the hashtag is.

The hashtag is #FindYourMoment.

“Find Your Moment” is the site’s new slogan, replacing their old slogan “Life is short, have an affair.”

For those unfamiliar, Ashley Madison launched as a dating site largely focused on cheating and facilitating affairs. If you weren’t satisfied with your relationship or marriage, Ashley Madison billed itself as the place you could go to find a little side-action.

That is, of course, until 2015, when hackers exposed the identities of millions of Ashley Madison’s users AND evidence surfaced that a majority of the women who men interacted with on the site were actually artificial bots.

So, yeah, 2015 was a rough year for Ashley Madison, but this summer, they launched a revamp effort, pledging greater site security and emphasizing the new “Find Your Moment” slogan in new commercials.

(It should be noted that, just this week, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada blasted Ashley Madison for their “inadequate security safeguards and policies.”)

But that brings us back to the #FindYourMoment hashtag. Every new Ashley Madison commercial ends with the hashtag, so it raises the question – what does Ashley Madison actually want us to DO with it? Admit adultery?

Why would anyone EVER use the #FindYourMoment hashtag?

Does Ashley Madison honestly think that any internet users will feel comfortable engaging in a social conversation that is undeniably about figuring out when to cheat on your partner? Because, make no mistake, just because the “Life is short, have an affair” slogan is gone, it doesn’t mean Ashley Madison suddenly has some new noble purpose.

Two of its revamp ads are very blatantly about an unhappy woman deciding to cheat on her husband and a bored couple deciding to have a threesome with a bartender (still unclear on how Ashley Madison will make that threesome happen).

So, with all that in mind, what’s the POINT of #FindYourMoment? Are they expecting true confessions? Outcries of support? Do they think that because their user base already got doxxed that they’ll now be comfortable just opening talking about trying to “find their moment” with their wife’s best friend?

If you actually search on the #FindYourMoment hashtag on Twitter, you won’t see much evidence of the tag being used. It comes up in news stories about the rebranding, but, otherwise, there’s not much there for the centerpiece of a multi-million dollar company’s big social relaunch.

The few organic uses of the hashtag are all pretty funny, actually. For example…

So, people are confused, incredulous, and annoyed. That’s a good sign for their rebranding, right?

But, so far, the clear winner when it comes to the proper use of #FindYourMoment has to be…

Because an illicit affair with a Cinnabon might be the only thing I’d ever be willing to admit on a corporate hashtag.

I get that Ashley Madison is struggling to survive, but why attempt to rebrand yourself with slick commercials and a useless hashtag without asking yourself, “Will anyone actually take this seriously?” If Ashley Madison is going to continue existing with the purpose to facilitate extra-relationship affairs, it CAN’T expect to exist in the same public advertising sphere as Nabisco or IKEA.

Hashtags are supposed to be tools for public conversations. Unfortunately, Ashley Madison isn’t something that ANYONE would EVER want to talk about in public. And it doesn’t seem to understand that, which will make #FindYourMoment destined to become one of the least-used and loneliest corporate hashtags ever.